Tranquility Gift Set

3 tisanes - fresh herbs & flowers will calm and soothe!

Sometimes the best gift is relaxation. With that in mind, we selected 3 tisanes made with fresh herbs and flowers known for their calming effects. Healthy and relaxing, this gift offers wonderful flavors with no caffeine and a great way to balance the stresses of the holidays as well as every day. With ingredients of rose buds, lavender, lemon and Chrysanthemum, this gift is sure to please as well as relax the soul. Set includes 3 blended herbals nestled in our handsome Silk Road Teas gift box, an elegant glass teapot and two porcelain cups.

The includes 2 ounces of each of the following:

Three Flowers Celebration: Our custom blend of 3 select flowers - elegant, scarlet-red Rose buds, fresh White Chrysanthemum flowers and fragrant Lavender flowers - offer a soothing and naturally sweet cup with a lingering aftertaste that warms and relaxes. The perfect addition to a festive holiday table or to be enjoyed as a light, caffeine-free beverage. 

Lemon Lavender: A delicate blend of organic Lavender and fresh Lemongrass yields a refreshing, calming tisane with no caffeine. Lavender and Lemongrass are both known for their anti-anxiety properties.

Peppermint Leaf: A classic, organic peppermint leaf grown in the Pacific Northwest, no caffeine yet stimulating and refreshing. Beautiful green leaf is aromatic and pungent. Leaves yields a complex flavor followed by a cooling sensation. Good for digestion.


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Ānníng lǐpǐn tàozhuāng 安宁礼品套装
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