Variety Tea Gift

Treat yourself or a friend to a sampling of three varieties of Chinese teas elegantly packaged in our clear top re-usable tins and gift box.

Included in the set:

White Peony: an organic white tea harvested early in the spring.  A mix of light green leaves, this is perhaps the most natural of teas.  Flavors of melon, herbs and honeysuckle come to mind.

Tieguanyin: perhaps the most complex of teas, our Tieguanyin oolong is very floral in aroma and flavor.  Smooth and buttery come to mind.  Large leaves, rolled, open to rich green colors.

Golden Monkey: a traditional black tea, organically grown offers a cocoa aroma and rich malty flavors.  Excellent served with breakfast and as a refresher anytime.  Its naturally sweet notes will linger! 

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