White Peony - Organic Bai Mu Dan

Organic, vibrant colors, flavors of melon & honey.

Perhaps the most natural of China's teas - White Peony is a mix of early spring pluck leaves offering vibrant colors and a range of flavors from grapes to honeysuckle and nectar.

Our White Peony (traditional name Bai Mu Dan) is grown organically on a farm in Fuding county, the original birthplace of white tea and famous for its varietals. White Peony offers a nuanced, sophisticated flavor with a surprisingly full and round mouth feel. The plant varietal is Fuding Da Bai (Big White). The leaves are slightly oxidized (8-16%) due to the air-drying process it goes through. Traditionally, Bai Mu Dan is processed by withering in a warm room on bamboo racks and then heat dried. Its migration from bush to cup is pluck, wither & dry! Late April 2020 harvest date. Lot #O2

Why we selected this particular lot. The farm has practiced organic farming for a number of years. The soils and farming practices of recent years now yield teas with an increasing depth of flavor. Our lot comes out later in April due to the higher elevation of the Fuding area. This lot offers a pleasing mix of silver buds, shades of greens and some brown leaf.

Tasting notes. A natural white tea with mellow-sweet notes of grape and accents of honey and nectar.   This white offers a honey-like viscosity and a flavor that pairs well with food. White Peony steeps to a clear, straw-like color and a stronger body than the better known varietal - Silver Needle.

Brewing suggestions. We recommend 3 grams of leaf per 8-12 ounces of water or a rounded tablespoon. Water temperature is best at about 185-195 degrees F. Steep for 2-3 minutes and enjoy. The leaves will yield multiple steeps.

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Yǒujī/fēi yǒujī 白牡丹-有机/非有机
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Loose Leaf
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  • 5
    White Peony and all teas purchased

    Posted by Carolyn Norton on 8th Dec 2018

    An excellent, flavorful tea delivered exactly as pictured. It’s real tea. Always a pleasure to buy from Silk Roads. I just recommended this company to my dentist.

  • 4
    Excellent, floral white

    Posted by Leo on 24th Mar 2018

    If you've grown tired of Silver Needle or just want to have a good white tea, White Peony is an excellent choice. It's got a lot more flavor and reminds me of melon.