Wild Green - Mei Zhan

Flavors of asparagus, anise and stone fruit.

Tea growing in China is predominately done on small farms, cultivating local varietals using traditional methods and processing leaves to local taste preferences. These small lots teas are rarely found outside the region in which they are produced.   Often, the harvest takes place in the wild, that is, outside the boundaries of a farm - no fences, no rows! 

Wild Green is a "fresh tea" harvested from wild tea bushes growing in the mountains along the coast of Fujian Province. Harvested in the first pluck of spring, the leaves are processed to the local custom for appearance, aroma and taste. The result is a "fresh" green tea offering a very distinct aroma and a range of flavors from asparagus to anise to stone fruit. The cultivar is MeiZhan, which over time, has adapted to the local terrier (soils, moisture, climate) developing characteristics unique to its mountainous area. This lot was wild harvested in the first week of April 2019. No certification is available for these leaves but as the tea is grown wild, the farm believes no chemicals or pesticides have been applied. Lot #WG-9.

Lot Notes
The aroma of this tea will spike one's interest. It is comparatively high-fire as one will note in the aroma. Given the high elevation at which these bushes grow, the taste is clean and sweetly vegetal. In cupping, the complexity of this varietal comes through, flavors are varied and grow in the second steep as the leaves more fully open. This lot captures the essence of the spring harvest - bringing something unusual to the palate, unique to the season to be enjoyed.

Tea Facts
The varietal is Mei Zhan. This lot was made from wild tea bushes growing in the mountains near the coast of Fujian Province. Varietal is a comparatively slow growing leaf. It is also a difficult varietal to process well as it is high fired according to local custom and the leaves can turn very quickly become "bakey" in the firing process. This lot was not made for export as the annual harvest is quite small. The varietal originated in the Wuyi mountains and has been cultivated in the coastal regions for generations now.

Tasting Notes
First impressions are of clean, sweet vegetal notes. Think flavors of asparagus, anise and stone fruit. Grown at an elevation where the bushes are exposed to stark temperature changes from day to night that serve to clarify the liquor and create clean tastes. At the same time, note this tea is strong, offering multiple steeps.

Brewing Suggestions
Use approximately3 grams for 8 ounces of water at a temperature of 185 - 195 degrees F.  Steep for 1.5 - 2 minutes and taste. The flavor should be full & sweet with no astringency. In the second steep you will note a fuller and rounded flavor as the leaves open. It will steep multiple times.

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Yě shēng qīng 野生青
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  • 4
    An exciting daily green!

    Posted by Bill Hicks on 9th Mar 2019

    This Green lives up to its name as I would hope from a "wild" tree. Mouthfeel is thick with full vegetal notes and bright aromatics with just enough dryness on the finish to complete the experience. I have tried the recommended brewing, but prefer not to rinse, as I felt like it lost some sweetness and I brew at 176, which yields a better second steep and doesn't draw out as much astringency too soon. The Energy this tea provides can be potent as well living up to its "wild" nature. All-in-all, this tea excites me, because you can "play" it as you like, depending on your taste preference and it will cooperate. It's become a daily drinker for my daughter and I. Cheers!

  • 4
    Wild Green

    Posted by Tom McConnel on 2nd Mar 2019

    This team has a subtle herbaceous vegetable taste which pairs quite well with sweet pastry.

  • 5
    Wonderful green tea

    Posted by Laura on 13th Feb 2019

    I do like green tea, but sometimes find it to be a little too grassy and sometimes bitter for my taste. This is a wonderful, light tea with a delicate perfume. It is perfect for hot or iced (matter of fact I almost like it better iced) There is a light stone fruit essence. I have ordered twice now and hope it will be available to order again!

  • 5
    Very nice, unusual green tea

    Posted by Susan P. on 14th Nov 2018

    White Peony is my usual tea. Although I like to have green teas on occasion, I find most green teas too grassy. An exception for me is usually teas of the Mei Zhan variety, and Wild Green doesn’t disappoint. It has a clean, non-grassy taste that’s different from typical green teas, and is very pleasing, both in taste and aroma. An added advantage is that it's more affordable than other Mei Zhan teas.