Wild Green

High mountain, spring flavors!
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Green - "fresh tea"
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Main Flavor Profile:
Aromas of sorrel and spring vegetables, sweet!

Known for its mountains, bamboo forests and abundant springs, Anhui Province each year produces teas of exceptional quality. The elevation and soils rich in humus and iron, bring forth a number of wonderful green teas. Wild Green tea trees blanket the mountainside surrounding Tao Yuan farm. The farm's elevation is about 2600 feet. Wild Green is a spring "fresh tea" cultivated and made to local taste customs. You will find crisp, sweet flavors.

Lot Notes.  Lot is "Qiaomuxing" or Tall Tree tea. In tasting, its soft sweet, clear liquor reminds of the yellow tea class. We found this lot offered a distinct local approach to the finished tea with a more pronounced or sharper flavor profile. 

Tea Facts. A true wild tea, the Pinyin name for the tree is "Shi Da" and known as a "Tall Tree" type. The cultivar is a Mao Feng. Leaf is First Grade A. The farm factory offers that Wild Green has a two year shelf life. Harvest date was 3rd week of April 2022. 

Tasting Notes. Infusion releases aromas of sorel and spring vegetables. Liquor is silky offering delicate notes of green bean and artichoke heart. 

Brewing Suggestions. Three grams or a tablespoon for 8 ounces of water at a temperature of 185 to 195 F. Temperature can be lower to preserve lighter notes. Steep for 2 minutes and taste. Leaves are strong and will steep multiple times.

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