WuYi Black

Initial flavor is stone fruit, then cocoa.

Oolong leaves have been processed to a rich black tea.  Unlike most varieties of WuYi blacks found in the marketplace, this one has a smattering of gold buds. Tea bushes grow in rocky, mineral-rich soils and, in combination with its elevation, have created a distinctive flavor. Harvested in the spring of 2020, 

Lot Notes. Oolongs crfated to black teas can bring a depth of flavors along with exeptionally smooth mouth feel to the liquor. The leaves are uniform creating a very balanced cup flavor.  

Tea Facts. Crafted from the famous WuYi oolong varietal. The leaves are thin and long, with gold buds, from an April pluck. Farm elevation is 600 meters.  

Taste Profile. The first taste is rich, flavorful in the mouth. We find notes of stone fruit at the front end and cocoa in the finish. Finish is pleasingly sweet! This tea has a real warming effect in its finish. 

Brewing suggestions. This tea, like most blacks, is best with water at about 195-205 F. Rinse the leaves briefly, pour off and re-infuse. Use 3 grams or a rounded teaspoon of leaf for 8 ounces of spring/filtered water. Steep for 2.5-3 minutes.

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