Wuyi Yan Cha - "Rock Tea"

Strong & mouth-watering
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WuYi Yan Cha
Caffeine Level:
Main Flavor Profile:
Sweet & fruity
Loose leaf

Classed as one of the Wuyi Rock Teas, WuYi Yan Cha, through multiple charcoal firings, is a mountain grown oolong that brews to rich orange-red colors & strong flavors. Aroma is likewise strong, a result of the intense firing process it undergoes. Leaves open to flavors of caramel and fruit. Finish is enlivening. Lot #1 was harvested in 2021. 

Lot Notes: We selected this lot as it offers a range of flavor and a vibrancy we look for in this style of oolong. Aroma is aromatic and pleasing. Multiple high-temperature firings have enriched its natural flavors; multiple steeps will show its range of flavors. 

Tea Facts: Arguably one of China's 10 Famous Teas. Grown in the WuYi Mountains. In China, this WuYi is known as a Min-Bei oolong, as it is made north of the Min River. Once shaped, the leaves are partially oxidized at 70-80% and then fired; once fired the leaves show a green-to-black coloration. China-side, this is a favored tea for Gong Fu style service - plenty of leaf, high temp water & short steeps.

Tasting Notes: Mineral notes show as a result of the rich fertile soils of WuYi Shan. Multiple charcoal firings create clean, sweet caramel and fruity notes. Mouth feel is sweet and enlivening. Flavors will linger.

Brewing Suggestions. For 6-8 ounces of water, right up to boiling temperature. Use at 3-4 grams or a rounded tablespoon of leaf. Rinse the leaves briefly, pour off and re-infuse. Steep for 1.5 - 2.0minutes and taste. Flavor should be sweet. For GongFu service, use 6 grams of leaf per 8 ounces of water, rinse, re-infuse and steep for 20 seconds. Multiple steeps are the rule.

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