Yellow Fragrance (Huang Xiang)

Exceptional leaf, nectar sweet, lingering flavors.

Yellow Fragrance is about aroma, flavors and recognition of the artistry of the tea maker.  A Dan Cong style Oolong, it was hand harvested and processed in 2001.  Then carefully stored into specially designed steel cans.  The tea has resided in our warehouse in the interim.   These unusually long, slender rich-brown leaves, edged with a soft yellow color, steep to rich ambrosial notes.  Sourced from a single tree on a terraced, high-mountain farm at about 1800 meters, this lot is rare and offers the lover of tea a glimpse into the artistry of the world famous Phoenix Bird Oolongs.  Rare lot # EO-1.   

Why we selected this lot.  This lot is an exceptional tea in appearance (leaf size and shape), aroma and most tellingly, taste.  The leaves are edged in yellow, a coloration that is rare.  This attribute combined with its wonderful cup taste easily convinced us of the value of this tea.   The lot is handmade in the traditional style, the leaves were plucked using ladders, sorted, withered, then using wood heat to shape and process the leaves; this special lot is the result. Given its range of flavors, it is a tea everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy.

Facts about this lot.  This lot was harvested in 2001 on a small farm located near Chao Zhou city, in the Phoenix Mountains of Guangdong Province. Farm is located near the famous WuDong Mountain, Fenghuang area.  Lot was made with a local varietal called "Chao Lan Xiang".   The roots of the trees reach deeply into the soil and mineral-rich, fresh water springs that feed the mountainside. Tea was harvested years ago and has been stored in our warehouse since.  Generally, it is held the first steep is for aroma, in the 2nd & 3rd steeps the flavors open more fully.

Taste Profile.  We think it offers the nectar-like tastes so characteristic of a well-made Dan Cong style Oolong.    As the leaves slowly unfurl and open, minerals and tastes are released that the tea maker has carefully preserved and shaped.  With great care, the tea maker has worked the leaf to deliver a tea offering a nectar-like sweetness that is soft on the tongue and lingering.  The flavor is complex.  Note, as it will steep multiple times, varying flavors will come forth.  

Brewing suggestions.  We find this style of Oolong is best infused with water at boiling temperature.  This will quicken the opening of the leaves and release of their wonderful aroma.  Use a round tablespoon of leaf for 8-12 ounces of water.  Rinse the leaves briefly and pour off the water.  Then re-infuse the leaves and steep them for 1.5 minutes and taste.  If more leaf is used, shorten the steep time.  Between steeps, drain all water from the leaves and enjoy multiple (5-7) infusions.

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Dan Cong Oolong
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