Tongyu Mountain Green (Tongyu Shan Qing)

A local variety of Mao Feng, it is processed and named to local custom.  TMG is an exceptional tea for those that enjoy a strong and full-bodied Chinese green tea.  It is grown on small farms in the mountains of Fujian Province, west of Fuzhou.  Handpicked, single origin and traditionally fired in bamboo baskets TMG offers beautiful, long leaves that offer a slightly fruity taste with light, natural sweetness. An unusual varietal reflects unique regional characteristics in coloration, leaf size and taste. This is one of the strongest tasting green teas we offer.   Lot # 8 - harvested April 2018.

Why we selected this particular lot.  It is an unusual tea and we have offered it for many years.  It has unique characteristics that can be enjoyed on an everyday basis as it is low cost and offers a range of tastes.  This lot offered a large leaf, consistency in size and a pleasing aroma, albeit strong. 

Tasting notes.  This is a strong green with some hints of fruit.  There is a sweetness that comes forth in the finish that is quite pleasing.  It aroma is strong and vegetal.  The leaves are high fire.

Brewing suggestions.  Three grams is our recommendation for 8-12 ounces of water.  Use a water temperature of 185-195 degrees F.  Steep for 2 minutes and taste.  The tea can steep longer for added body.


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