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Rare Teas

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Each year, we look for rare and unusual, single-origin teas that are not commonly found outside China and, increasingly, are becoming harder to find within that marketplace. Traditionally, the highest grade teas have always had a pre-destination and were difficult to source. The privatization of the tea companies changed this to a degree. At the same time, the domestic tea market has strengthened markedly in the last decade as China's younger tea drinkers' explore new styles and flavors and look for better quality. This has markedly increased competition for these small lot, specialty teas. 

Once again, this year we set out to find interesting, unusual teas for our customers. In that search, we found teas that often remain local, yet in some way characterize the craft and artistry of Chinese teas. Each of the teas within this group has a story and we think offers a wonderful taste. Each is in our warehouse in limited quantity.  In others, we have inventory for the year and want you to enjoy the diversity and bounty of China's wonderful teas.