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Featured Teas

  • Buddhist Tea - Fo Cha

    Buddhist Tea - Fo Cha

    In the sixth and seventh centuries, tea drinking became increasingly popular with Buddhist monks as they recognized the green leaf as a means of clearing the mind and providing stimulation to allow...
    Handcrafted, basket roasted, extra sweet. 

  • Jasmine Pearls - Mo Li Zhen Zhu

    Jasmine Pearls - Mo Li Zhen Zhu

    Jasmine Pearls is a delight to watch unfold as well as to drink. This tea is certainly one of China's finest jasmine offerings. The quality of the Pearl rests with two key attributes: a high-quality,...

  • organic Organic

    Dragon Well - Long Jing - Organic

    Dragon Well, Long Jing, has a rich and long history of cultivation and may well be the most famous tea in the world. Highest grade lots are plucked early in the spring with much anticipation among...
    Taste is fresh, offers sweet, nutty, chestnut-like notes

  • organic Organic

    Matcha - Powdered Green Tea

    A bright and fresh shade of green, our Matcha is made with a minimally-processed, fluffy-leafed Tencha. Once harvested and dried, the leaf it is stone-ground into a fine powder. For 3-5 weeks prior...
    Sweet, smooth, full flavor

  • Monkey Picked Tieguanyin

    Monkey Picked Tieguanyin

    Our "Monkey Picked" Tieguanyin was grown in the AnXi Region in southern Fujian Province, a region with a rich history of cultivating award-winning, world-class Tieguanyin cultivars. The region's...
    vibrant, fresh green colors, softly sweet & floral, think orchids

  • organic Organic

    Chai - organic

    Our Chai blend offers a fresh, new flavor profile for this traditional, widely enjoyed tea. For the base black tea, we selected a fine grade Yunnan Black, a leaf cultivated to full-bodied, malty...
    Tea has bite, enlivens the senses.

  • Earl Grey Organic Sachets

    Earl Grey Organic Sachets

    Full-bodied organic black tea enlivened with rich citrus oil of Bergamot creates a superb bouquet and a lingering finish. You will note the leaves are large (we milled them minimally) to preserve...
    Rich citrusy flavor, superb bouquet.
  • Drum Mountain Clouds & Mist - Mei Lan Chun

    Drum Mountain Clouds & Mist - Mei Lan Chun

    "Reminiscent of nectar from heaven with a rich finish and a lingering, sweet aftertaste." A famous tea buyer's comment after cupping. One of China's finest green teas, Mei Lan Chun is crafted...
    A perfect sweetness, full of flavors.