Brothers oolong

Lively, notes of sweet Osmanthus
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Dan Cong oolong
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Main Flavor Profile:
Loose leaf

Literally translated as "Brothers", Xiong Di is a Dan Cong cultivar developed 30 years ago by grafting two prized oolong trees. The name "Brother" originates from the proximity of the trees prior to initial grafting and encouraged by its local popularity. The cultivar offers the natural aroma of Osmanthus flowers.

Lot Notes. Lot is handcrafted by Mr. Lin Ze, a tea farmer and primary supplier of our Dan Cong oolongs. Lot naturally offers a lively, refreshing aroma of Osmanthus flowers. Leaves were withered, slowly reducing moisture content, then underwent a series of 3 light firings intensifying the leaf's polyphenols with resulting depth in flavors and complexity.

Tea Facts. WuDong Mountain grown Dan Congs are known for being sweeter, more flavorful than the surrounding area. cultivar was created by grafting two Dan Cong cultivars known for their natural fragrance. The source trees grow at an elevation of about 1200 meters. Tea was harvested in early May 2020 and has been aging in our warehouse.

Tasting Notes.  Aroma is decidedly Osmanthus with full-bodied, flowery notes with a pleasing pungency that lends toward aged stone-fruit. Cup is clean & open with a nice lingering finish. 

Steeping suggestions.  We recommend using 3 grams or a rounded tablespoon of leaves per 6-8 ounces of water at boiling temperature and/or just below boiling. Rinse the leaves briefly and pour off. Then steep for 2 minutes and taste. The flavor should be evident but clean and light.  First steep yields aroma, second and third bring forth more flavors. Multiple steeps are in order.