One Bush - Rare Oolong Collection

Aged 20 years, peach aroma, fruity nectar flavor.
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Shàng niǎo
Caffeine Level:
Main Flavor Profile:
Loose leaf

Our One Bush, a Fenghuang Dan Cong or Tan Chung style oolong, is made from a single tree of the famous "Chao An" cultivar. This cultivar local to the Fenghuang area of Guangdong Province. The Chao An cultivar has been farmed for hundreds of years in the steep mountainous region on terraced gardens at elevations of approximately 1300-1600 meters. The Phoenix Mountains are shrouded in fog with a slowly warming trend each day as the tea harvest draws near. The soils in this area are red-to-yellow clays, the oolong trees send their roots deep into the subsurface to tap into mineral-rich springs. The leaves are harvested in the afternoon and processing begins as the evening draws in.

Lot Notes. This lot was harvested in 2002 and then stored in special steel cans in our warehouse. One will note, this lot offers a comparatively large leaf - perhaps more characteristic of this style of tea in earlier years and the fact the oolong tree is believed to be over 200 years old. Given their size, the leaves are slow to fully open and release their marbled flavors.

Tea Facts. Name is literally "Phoenix Single Tree". Tea is harvested from trees, plucking is done using ladders. Leaf is unusually long, in steeping leaves will show red on its edges from the abraiding process.  

Tasting Notes. Aromatically complex with strong peachy aroma. One Bush offers fruit-sweet notes and flavors of lightly toasted almond, multi-layered and distinct. Rich flavors begin to come through in the 2nd steep. The finish is lasting and pleasantly sweet. The leaves will yield multiple steeps, certainly 5-7 infusions.

Steeping Suggestions. Use a tablespoon for 6-8 ounces of water. Water temperature at 205F right up to boiling. Briefly rinse the leaves and discard the water. Re-infuse and steep for approximately 1.5 minutes and taste. First steep releases aromas. In the second steep the flavor will come through more fully. Use brief steep times adding some time with each subsequent steep to grow flavors.   

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