Rare Teas

Our rare tea offerings are small farm, single origin, and handmade. We offer aged lots (23 plus years), seasonal “fresh teas,” and varieties not typically found outside China. Produced using locally developed cultivars, these teas are fine grade pluck, then processed using methods passed generation-to-generation to create truly unique flavors and aromas. These teas have been packaged and stored to encourage the aging process. Each lot offers a taste of the world of artisan teas.


  • Aged White Peony - Rare

    Aged White Peony - Rare

    Harvested in the spring of 2001, this aged White Peony was grown in Zhenghe County. When Silk Road Teas purchased this lot, it was rated as highest-grade leaf (known as Zhending Big White - cultivar Zhenghe Da Bai). The bushes are members of the Da Hao...
    Deep naturally sweet, herbaceous notes. Harvested 2001

  • Black Bud  - Rare Lot

    Black Bud - Rare Lot

    First buds of the harvest offer the most pronounced flavors and aromas of the season. As late winter temperatures begin to warm, particularly in the mountains, dormant tea bushes awaken and sprout dense, compact buds, the first new teas. Harvested by...
    Sweet, coppery, clean flavors

  • Black Fragrance - Rare

    Black Fragrance - Rare

    Black Fragrance is in the class of early spring teas known as "fresh tea". These are early spring harvest teas made to local customs of processing to bring out the favored aromas and flavors of the surrounding population. Typically, they are made in...
    "Fresh tea", notes of molasses & fruit, with a lingering finish.

  • Brothers oolong

    Brothers oolong

    Literally translated as "Brothers", Xiong Di is a Dan Cong cultivar developed 30 years ago by grafting two prized oolong trees. The name "Brother" originates from the proximity of the trees prior to initial grafting and encouraged by its local...
    Lively, notes of sweet Osmanthus
  • Cinnamon Oolong - Phoenix Bird Private Reserve

    Cinnamon Oolong - Phoenix Bird Private Reserve

    A Fenghuang Dan Cong style oolong, literally translates to "Phoenix single tree". This style of tea has a long history of cultivation in the Phoenix Mountains with trees reputed to be 800 years old. Producing teamaker harvested lot from a single tree...
    A procession of fruity & citrusy flavors and earthy aromas

  • New Lot!

    Drunken Concubine

    Drunken Concubine is named in recognition of the intoxicating flavors of a wonderful, high-grade Tieguanyin oolong. Our lot is named in honor of Gui Fei, who was the most trusted consort to the Tang Dynasty emperor Xuanzong. Grown in the AnXi...
    Caresses the tongue with nectar-like flavors.

  • Gardenia Fragrance  - Huang Zhe Xiang

    Gardenia Fragrance - Huang Zhe Xiang

    Gardenia Fragrance is a true Dan Cong oolong. Harvested in 2001, this lot is made from a blend of the farm’s oolong trees. This was the traditional Dan Cong processing whereby leaves from various old trees are blended to create this lot. One will...
    Aged 22 years. Ambrosial, intoxicating!

  • Golden Dawn

    Golden Dawn

    Golden Dawn is in a class of high-mountain Dan Cong oolongs that were tribute teas during the Song Dynasty. This lot was harvested in 2006 from aged oolong trees estimated to be well over 80-100 years old. The roots of these trees now reach deep into the...
    Aged 16 years, peachy aroma

  • Golden Eyebrow - Rare Lot

    Golden Eyebrow - Rare Lot

    At traditional tea gatherings, Golden Eyebrow is held as a prestigious tea, one to be served proudly, knowing it will enhance friendship. A fine pluck, using buds and the top two leaves, our lot harvested early in spring 2021. The leaves are carefully...
    Aroma of orange, light fruitiness, finish is honeysuckle.

  • One Bush - Rare Oolong Collection

    One Bush - Rare Oolong Collection

    Our One Bush, a Fenghuang Dan Cong or Tan Chung style oolong, is made from a single tree of the famous "Chao An" cultivar. This cultivar local to the Fenghuang area of Guangdong Province. The Chao An cultivar has been farmed for...
    Aged 20 years, peach aroma, fruity nectar flavor.

  • Phoenix Bird oolongs - Rare Collection

    Phoenix Bird oolongs - Rare Collection

    Long favored as "tribute teas" by emperors, these 3 teas were grown on small farms in Chou Zhou County, the Yellow or Phoenix Mountains, Guangdong Province, and harvested in 2002-04. Plucked and crafted from select local cultivars, these...
    Flavors of nectar , stone fruit & floral.

  • Rare Oolong Collection - Orchid Fragrance

    Rare Oolong Collection - Orchid Fragrance

    We have worked with Mr. Lin Ze, for a number of years. Every spring, we receive an inquiry as to our interest in his oolong. Quickly affirming, we either visit the farm or, this year, receive selected samples. Working with older farmers in his village,...
    Orchid-like aromatics, honeysuckle to flowery, almondy notes.

  • Rare Oolong Collection - Peach Fragrance

    Rare Oolong Collection - Peach Fragrance

    Peach Fragrance, Tao Ren Xiang, is made from a single-farm tree grove. The cultivar's signature aromatics are preserved by its single-origin havest. Our teamaker. Mr. Lin Ze, has crafted to time-held traditions capturing Peach Fragrance's...
    Complex & rich - peaches & almonds