Cinnamon Oolong - Phoenix Bird Private Reserve

A procession of fruity & citrusy flavors and earthy aromas
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Dan Cong Oolong
Ruo Gui Dan Cong
Main Flavor Profile:
Fruit, citrus & almond
Medium - high

A Fenghuang Dan Cong style oolong, literally translates to "Phoenix single tree". This style of tea has a long history of cultivation in the Phoenix Mountains with trees reputed to be 800 years old. Producing teamaker harvested lot from a single tree thereby grading it as highest quality. Handcrafted, twice fired and named for its resulting aroma. In this case, the teamaker found the lot reminiscent of fresh Chinese cinnamon.

Lot Notes. Farm is located in Chaoan County near WuDong Mountain. One will note its unusually long leaves which open slowly to release nuanced flavors of cinnamon. Lot underwent two firings to develop its flavors. A deft touch in firing has preserved the leaves natural aromas and flavors. Lot is LZ-PR-2.

Tea Facts. Tea was harvested from a single tree using ladders to access the leaves. As the trees are wild stock, as such, they are not pruned. Approximate oxidization is 60-70%. Term Dan Cong describes teas made from the leaves of one chosen tea tree. Lot was harvested in 2021.

Taste Profile. The long, dark leaves give off a discrete aroma of brown sugar and some tastes of candied fruit. As the leaves open, they provide a procession of fruity, citrusy, and earthy aromas. The mouthfeel is surprisingly strong and full bodied. Offers a sweet finish that draws out into a minty note that will refresh.

Brewing Suggestions. Use approximately 3 grams or a round teaspoon of leaf for 6-8 ounces of water. Absolutely must use spring or filtered water. Temperature right up to boiling. Rinse the leaves briefly and pour off. This awakens the leaves. Now re-infuse and steep for 1.5 to 2 minutes and taste. Leaves will offer 5-7 steeps using a longer steep time once 3 steeps are completed.

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