Our Commitment, our community.

We do business within a community.  We believe it is our responsibility to support and contribute to this diverse community.  One of the ways we offer support, and in a small way give back, is by creating jobs for people with disabilities in the daily operation of our business.  We continue to look for opportunities to fulfill this initiative as there is such great need.  It is a small step, yet it is an action we believe in and will continue to follow.  It is a way we can give back. 

"hand in hand"

When we branded our tea and began selling sachets in boxes bearing our name, we planned that this business line would provide us a means to create jobs here in San Rafael, Ca.  To accomplish this, we often purchase organic teas and tisanes from China as well as here in the U.S. and package these wonderful teas & herbs into sachets.  In our warehouse, adults with disabilities package them into liner bags, then our tea box and then hand apply a seal to each box.  As we grow, we hope these job opportunities will increase. We call this community initiative "hand in hand".

ICS Recognition

We are honored to be associated with and work with a group named Integrated Community Services (ICS).  ICS works to provide employment, housing and social services for persons with disabilities. By this association, we affirm our commitment to improving the quality of life for disabled persons. We share the belief with ICS that businesses can substantively help people with disabilities achieve independent lives by providing jobs in an encouraging and supportive environment.   

Our Tea Box & Ceres Community Project

Access to healthy food is a basic human right.  But for many, circumstances can preclude access and events can make even eating well a difficult proposition.  Again, this is where community can provide support and aid when it is most needed.  When we conceptualized our tea box line, we wanted to develop a means to provide support - financial or product - through this line to others.  So, as we succeed, we could share that success and create goodwill.  At the onset of planning our new tea box line, we were fortunate to meet a group called Ceres Community Project.  Like us, they were looking for a partner.  In their case, they hoped to find someone who could provide product and financial support for their community services.  It has been a great match!

Ceres Community Project works to build healthy communities by restoring locally-grown organic whole food to its place as the foundation of health.  Healthy food also can create heart-centered ways for people to connect.  Toward these ends, Ceres teaches teens to grow, cook and eat healthy whole foods.  To learn these skills, teens harvest excess organic crops, learn to cook these wholesome foods and then deliver nourishing meals to people and families facing cancer and other serious illnesses.  Ceres is our partner as we donate a portion of every tea box sale to support their efforts. As well, we contribute teabags to accompany the meals Ceres provides.  Please visit: to learn more.  

Ceres is a partnership we believe in and we applaud their good work!