Fresh Loose Leaf Green Tea

Green Tea

The least oxidized of teas, green varietals offer flavors ranging from vegetal and cream-like to toasty, nutty, naturally sweet, and clean.

We adhere to the standard that the “before the rain” early harvest greens, are the most nuanced and finest of the annual harvest.

In each green, we look for a rich, fresh color (se), bright aroma (xiang), delicious taste (wei) and uniform shape (xing).

We source our greens from farms and tea companies and relationships we have developed and nurtured since the early 1990s. We source green teas in Fujian, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Anhui and Yunnan provinces. From Japan, we offer a selection of Ichiban-cha Senchas.

Green Tea
  • 3 Lands Sampler

    3 Lands Sampler

    3 Lands Sampler: In many countries, tea is a signature beverage. Distinct cultivars have been created and farmed, methods of processing developed bringing forth aromas and flavors that are delicious and widely enjoyed. Our sampler offers a taste...
    3 lands, 3 teas & 3 flavors

  • organic Organic

    3-Box Pack: Genmaicha Organic Sachets (45 sachets)

    Fresh organic Sencha green tea and roasted rice create a golden infusion with a toasty aroma and nutty flavors.  A traditional blend, refreshing beverage and excellent with food. The leaves have been milled minimally to preserve the natural...
    Toasty aroma, savory, nutty flavors

  • organic Organic

    3-Box Pack: Jasmine Silver Tip Sachets (45 sachets)

    10% discount when you order 3 or more. Fresh, organically-grown, early-spring harvest green tea leaves and silver buds are scented with jasmine flowers to create this soothing and healthful tea. Each cup offers a delicious floral aroma from the...
    Yin Hao Jasmine - green leaf scented with jasmine flower.

  • Anji White

    Anji White

    Each harvest season this rare tea offer flavors exceptional flavors of spring. Rich in amino acids, Anji offers a umami flavor unusual for a Chinese green. In the 1980s, in a bamboo forest above the Huang Pu River in the mountains of Zhejiang Province,...
    Savory, rich "umami" flavors

  • organic Organic

    Buddhist Tea

    In the sixth and seventh centuries, tea drinking became increasingly popular with Buddhist monks as they realized the green leaf they so enjoyed was also a means of clearing the mind and providing stimulation for longer sessions of meditation. The monks...
    A wonderful green tea, basket roasted, clean, savory & vegetal sweet. 

  • organic Organic

    Ceremonial Matcha

    Silken, deep umami. Ceremonial grade offers you a way to enjoy a tea ceremony, Chanoyu, as a host preparing and sharing a bowl of fine green tea with a guest, entertaining friends, or indulging yourself in times of relaxation.  Lot Notes. Grade is...
  • Dragon Well "Jiukeng"

    Dragon Well "Jiukeng"

    A style of Dragon Well rarely found in the U.S. Elegant in appearance, offering an exquisite aroma, this Lung Ching cultivar is noticeably smaller in leaf than the more widely known Dragon Wells. The leaf appearance is strikingly green with ample golden...
    Local, elegant, small-leaf cultivar

  • Dragon Well - First Grade

    Dragon Well - First Grade

    Our first grade Dragon Well was harvested "before the rain" early in April when the prized teas of the season are released. In our search for this tea, we apply 3 criteria: consistent leaf size, shape, and coloration; aroma - fresh,...
    Enlivening, vegetal & nutty

  • Dragon Well - Grade AA

    Dragon Well - Grade AA

    Our new harvest Dragon Well lot is made from a cultivar local known for its distinctive penetrating aroma and soft, vegetal, nutty sweetness.  Farm is located in the Shengzhou area west of Hangzhou. Our lot is an "early-season" pick Grade A...
    Penetrating aroma, fresh & nutty sweet!

  • Dragon Well - Long Jing

    Dragon Well - Long Jing

    Dragon Well is known for 4 characteristics: a jade-like color, vegetative aroma, chestnut-like flavor and a feather-like shape. It is perhaps the best known of the Chinese teas. Our Lung Ching is a standard grade showing fresh green coloration, hints of...
    Clean vegetal flavor, toasty, naturally sweet notes

  • organic Organic

    Dragon Well - Organic

    Dragon Well, Long Jing, has a rich and long history of cultivation and may well be the most famous tea in the world. Its exquisite taste highlights why it is much sought after and recognized as one of China’s most popular teas. Grown...
    Fresh, sweet, nutty, chestnut-like notes

  • Emerald Green

    Emerald Green

    One of our favorite teas - Emerald Green is fresh aromas and flavors. A elegant yellow tea, "Cui Ya", is cultivated in the lush Huangshan Mountains of Anhui Province. These jagged, high mountains are cut with abundant, rushing streams, warm afternoon...
    Sweet aroma, distinctive floral notes

  • Empress Green

    Empress Green

    There is a class of teas harvested early in the spring & processed to local customs of appearance, flavor, and aroma. Typically made in small lots and rarely exported, these teas are often exceptional and offer a window into the great...
    "Fresh tea", strong flavors, nuanced & refreshing

  • organic Organic


    Known as "brown rice tea" - Genmaicha is a Japanese specialty tea and is perhaps the most popular of all of the tea offerings from Japan. Lot Notes A traditional blend combining all of the ingredients and resulting flavors that make this...
    Refreshing, crisp & savory flavors.

  • Green Mist

    Green Mist

    Green Mist, Qing Wu, is our proprietary blend of 3 pan fired, spring-pick green teas.  Selected for their respective flavors and curled leaf shapes, our Mist offers a naturally vegetal and herbaceous cup. You will note a bit of tension between the...
    A lively, refreshing green.

  • Green Monkey

    Green Monkey

    Locally made spring teas in China embody tradition, terroir, and skill. In areas like FuAn, traditions in tea run deep. Their cultivars are famous and their flavors in high demand. But these small lots are not made for export. You must travel there to...
    "Fresh tea", rich flavors, invigorating
  • Green Monkey King

    Green Monkey King

    Perhaps no other tea embodies the artistry of China's teas more than the famous and impressive leafed Tai Ping Hou Kui (TPHK). Ours is a first-grade leaf grown on a spring-fed farm at an elevation of 800 meters in the Huang Shan Mountains. At night,...
    Orchid aroma, apricot flavor.

  • Green Snail Spring - First Grade

    Green Snail Spring - First Grade

    Bi Luo Chun - Green Snail Spring - embodies much of what is wonderful about the spring tea harvest. Perhaps no green tea cups to the rich flavors of the season as this one. Ours is a first-grade leaf harvested in a pluck in the first week of April before...
    Flavors of asparagus, chestnut, hints of peach