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From the earliest beginning of our company, in 1992, it has been our goal to introduce to each of our customers the artistry of specialty teas. Handpicked from tea- rich provinces of Asia, our teas tell a story of tradition, skill, and passion. Every cup offers the work of true artisans of the leaf.

Silk Road Teas is a family-owned enterprise. We acquired the company over 20 years ago from our founder, David Lee Hoffman. An adventurer, he carved a path, opening the world of specialty teas to consumers in the U.S. We have continued with this model of travel in tea rich provinces, visiting farms, procuring teas not exported. This is our niche as a purveyor of artisanal teas. 

Our Commitment - Quality and Authenticity

We purchase our teas in small lots - single origin, handmade, and full-leaf. Every lot of tea has been selected through travel to tea producing regions and longstanding supplier relationships. Our harvest travels and daily tastings provide an opportunity to procure some of the season's finest offerings. We believe the best tea is found in early spring harvest – a window "before the rain", when the leaves are at their most aromatic and flavorful. Once procured, these lots are not blended thereby preserving the unique flavors of the harvest.

Organic, Fresh, and Ethical

Our commitment extends beyond just quality teas. We advocate organic farming and are proud to be a certified USDA NOP Organic Handler. And, by our direct sourcing, we ensure the artisans and farmers making our teas are fairly compensated.

Giving Back - Creating Hope and Opportunity

Every cup of our tea is a sip towards a better future. Our organic teas and tisanes in sachets are packaged by adults with disabilities, promoting a sense of community and creating jobs. Further, a portion of our sales from tea boxes is donated to Ceres, an organization serving healthy, nutritious meals to families in need in our surrounding area.

Join our Journey!

Whether you are a tea company, specialty store, coffee enthusiast, tea lover or a culinary expert looking for the perfect brew, we invite you to experience the world of Silk Road Teas. Your support enriches our journey, and your patronage is appreciated by us, as well as the greater worldwide tea producing community, and our local community.

Thank you for being a part of our story. We hope you enjoy every cup, and please always feel free to connect with us.


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