Our gift sets offer some of our finest artisan handcrafted organic teas. Our selections offer flavors sure to please the novice and experienced tea drinkers. Select greens, blacks, oolongs, whites and Pu-erh varietals have been curated for inclusion in our gifts.

Gift includes brewing instructions and your personal handwritten note creating a thoughtful & healthy gift to be enjoyed by family, friends and clients. Choose your gift selections, then add your personal note during checkout.

We will handle the rest!

For corporate or business gift giving, please call our gift experts for consultation and pricing on delicious teas for clients, the office, wedding favors and more.

  • organic Organic

    Ceremonial Matcha Gift Set

    A tea ceremony is one person (a host) preparing and sharing a bowl of one of the world's finest green teas with a guest, or friends, or enjoying a fine tea in a quiet moment. Matcha is the basis of the ceremony, the reward is in the tea and the sharing...
  • Emperor's Blacks

    Emperor's Blacks

    Handcrafted, single origin black teas sourced from three provinces, offering unique terroirs and wonderful flavors. Emperor's Black Gift Set, ensures a taste of some of China's famous blacks. We curated the finest of the harvest for our set. Nuanced,...
    Offering a range of aromas & flavors, artisan crafted
  • Leaf & Water

    Leaf & Water

    Specialty teas are crafted to use the size and shape of leaves to cultivate and accentuate flavors. Fully open to their natural or crafted size, nuanced tastes and aromas are released to be enjoyed and savored. We selected 3 of our most popular...
    Sweet, jasmine and orchids, malty flavors!
  • organic Organic

    Long Life Greens

    Three of our customer favorite organically-grown greens, each offers exquisite flavors and all of the health benefits of a well-made tea. Our set is presented in our beautiful Silk Road Teas' gift box, along with an elegant glass tea pot, two white...
    3 classic greens, flavors & health!
  • Three Cultivars Gift Box

    Three Cultivars Gift Box

    Three Cultivars surveys Chinese teas offering a variety of leaf styles, crafted flavors, and aromas. A white, oolong, and a black are presented in the distinct styles of three of China's most renowned teas. A glimpse into China's tea culture, a perfect...
  • Three Delicious Blacks

    Three Delicious Blacks

    Treat yourself, a friend, a lover of tea to three of the finest of black teas China offers. Our curated selection gives the experienced tea lover a wonderful range of full-leaf, crafted flavors. For the novice, surely an introduction to the...
  • organic Organic

    Three Heavenly Greens

    Three organic, handcrafted green teas are the perfect gift for a lover of tea, a friend beginning a tea journey, and perhaps yourself! Enjoy three of China's finest greens skillfully crafted to fragrances and flavors capturing the essence of the early...

  • Travel the Silk Road

    Travel the Silk Road

    There is a world of tea flavors to enjoy! Send your friends and family on a tour of specialty teas with our curated selection of handmade famous cultivars including: Jasmine Silver Tip, a lush green, delicately scented with jasmine flowers; Tieguanyin...
    Send your friends and loved ones on a tea tour !

  • Yunomi Tea Cup Set

    Yunomi Tea Cup Set

    We are pleased to offer these handmade teacups inspired by traditional Japanese yunomi. Yunomi cups are made without a handle, ideal for cradling in your hands to savor the warmth and aroma of your tea.   Yunomi cups have traditionally...