Widely consumed, a tea that has traveled with merchants and nomads for centuries, Pu-erhs are some of the oldest, most complex teas yet are largely unknown in the western world. As Pu-erhs age, they develop an earthy aroma and a sweet, full-bodied taste. They come in many, many shapes and forms - green and dark, loose leaf, compressed by hand and machine into nuggets, bricks and cakes of all sizes; aged in bamboo and baskets, fired and aged in citrus rinds and innumerable other materials, all to create unusual tea.

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    Black River Mountain - Hei He Shan

    A well-made, ripe or "cooked", high-mountain Pu-erh, grown near the Vietnam border in Yunnan Province.Lot NotesThe leaves are a deep, rich brown-red color and a mix of leaves and stems that create plenty of body and flavors in the brew. Aroma is rich and...
    Thick, red-brown leaves, earthy, rich flavors,

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    Camel's Breath - Tuo Cha

    Camel's Breath - never bitter, only stronger! The name suggests much of what makes this tea so popular.  Its taste reminiscent of a barn yard; scent of a forest floor after a rain storm; earthy, mushroomy - all have been offered in pursuit of an...
    Rich - earthy & mushroomy

  • Imperial Leaf Organic Sachets

    Imperial Leaf Organic Sachets

    Our Imperial Leaf is a "cooked" or ripe Pu-erh tea made with fully fermented leaves. Grown in Yunnan Province, we selected this leaf style and did not mill it to better preserve its natural flavors. These high-grade leaves will cup to a toasty, earthy...
    Toasty, earthy aroma.

  • Imperial Pu-erh - Di Huang

    Imperial Pu-erh - Di Huang

    Large leaves from the sub varietal Camellia assamica, locally known as Yunnan Big Leaf, are the source for our lot of Imperial Pu-erh. Typically made in the warmer summer months when the higher temperatures will assist in the fermentation process, the...
    Smooth, offers hints of nuts and cocoa.

  • Mao Cha

    Mao Cha

    Produced by a small tea factory near the village of Danjian, Yunnan Province. Mao Cha was harvested April 2019. The factory is small and rustic, located near the top of a mountain, with tea trees spread across the mountain slope. Tea was processed in...
    Sun dried, floral sweet & biscuity flavors
  • Menghai Raw Cake

    Menghai Raw Cake

    A 100-gram Sheng Pu-erh cake made by the Menghai Tea factory. Cups to sweet floral flavors. Lot Notes. As it is Menghai Tea produced, quality is consistent and predictable. Cake was pressed in 2019. Tea Facts. Leaves are grown in Six Famous Tea...
    Steeps to sweet, floral notes

  • Menghai Ripe Cake

    Menghai Ripe Cake

    An earthy, roasty small Shou or ripe cake made at the Menghai Tea factory in Yunnan Province. Cake is a compact 100 grams made of rich-brown leaves speckled with soft golden buds.  Lot Notes. Cake is classic Shou Pu-erh cake offering biscuity notes...
    Fragrant, sweet.

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    Raw "Sheng" Pu-erh Cake

    A green or Sheng style Pu-erh cake made in the Cangyuan area of Yunnan Province. Farm is located on Wa Mountain at an elevation of 2200 metters. This is a region inhabited by the Wa ethnic minority. Morning plucking sessions begin early in the day and...
    Mouth feel is complex, earthy aromas of beet and mineral sweetness

  • Ripe "Shou" Pu-erh Cake

    Ripe "Shou" Pu-erh Cake

     A ripe or "cooked", Shou style Pu-erh cake from the Cangyuan area of Yunnan Province. Cake is 357 grams of pressed, texture-rich leaves. Cake was processed using the "Wo Dui" method - a process whereby the leaves are steamed and stacked to ferment...
    Bouquet of peat, aroma of fig, spruce, earthy flavors.

  • Small Leaf Pu-erh - Xi Ye Pu-erh

    Small Leaf Pu-erh - Xi Ye Pu-erh

    Our Small Leaf is grown and made in the Cangyuan area, of Yunnan Province. The factory originated in 1948 and has been producing Pu-erhs, green and black teas for the domestic China market since.  Lot Notes Note the uniformity of the cut of the...
    Brews to a strong cup, think expresso with some nutty notes.

  • Tuo Cha with Chrysanthemum

    Tuo Cha with Chrysanthemum

    Premium grade, ripe Pu-erh leaf, infused with petals of Chrysanthemum flowers, are pressed into a small bird's nest-like shape or nugget. The leaves and Chrysanthemum flowers are sun-dried, steamed and then shaped.  A traditional blend and long...
    Rich earthiness, fresh Chrysanthemum, excellent cooling beverage
  • Tuo Cha with Rose

    Tuo Cha with Rose

    Premium ripe or "cooked" Pu-erh leaves have been compressed in an bird's nest or nugget shape and individually wrapped.  Leaves were grown in the Cangyuan area of Yunnan Province.   These 5-gram nuggets are infused with rose petals to...
    Rose petals add a fruity note to the earthy Pu-erh.
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    XD Ripe Leaf

    A ripe Pu-erh, leaves are thick, soft & a rich chocolate brown color. Flavor is clean, there is a peat-like quality in the taste. Locally this tea is known as Xiao Duan or simply "XD". Purchased in a tea shop in Kunming, we have no further word as to...
    Clean flavor, sweet peat-like quality