White Tea

The highest grade of Chinese white tea is produced by plucking buds before they open, withering them to allow the natural moisture to evaporate and then drying the leaves.  A bud processed this way will have a silvery appearance and will produce a pale, straw-colored liquor that is naturally sweet and soft. If the white tea has leaves along with the buds, the leaves are dried in their natural shapes, creating a mix of light to dark greens.  White tea is very natural and gets its name from the silvery down that covers the buds known as "Hao".

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  •  "Wild Peony" - White Peony - Bai Mu Dan

    "Wild Peony" - White Peony - Bai Mu Dan

    The FuAn area, in Fujian Province, is famous for its white tea cultivars. Over time, this cultivar has migrated outside the boundaries of farms and flourished. Our Peony offering - "Wild Peony" - fits this class and was harvested wild. Picked, withered,...
    Harvested wild - tastes of melon, grape, herbs

  • Aged White Peony - Rare

    Aged White Peony - Rare

    Harvested in the spring of 2001, this aged White Peony was grown in Zhenghe County. When Silk Road Teas purchased this lot, it was rated as highest-grade leaf (known as Zhending Big White - cultivar Zhenghe Da Bai). The bushes are members of the Da Hao...
    Clean, deep naturally sweet, herbaceous notes. Harvested 2001

  • Big White

    Big White

    Big White is an exceptional, handmade "fresh" white tea grown in Fujian Province. This is a tea not typically sold outside of its area as it is made in very small lots and consumed locally. This white has a very evident, pleasing flavor as, in this case,...
    Herbaceous, notes of stone fruit.

  • Drum Mountain White Cloud - Gu Shan Bai Yuan

    Drum Mountain White Cloud - Gu Shan Bai Yuan

    Grown at the higher elevations of the Guo Shan Mountains along the coast of Fujian Province, this tea was made popular by Buddhist monks who cultivated fields surrounding their monastery. In time, the tea became a source of revenue to support the...
    Flavors of honey, smooth, round mouth feel.

  • Silver Needle - Yin Zhen

    Silver Needle - Yin Zhen

    Yin Zhen is a variety of remarkable and ethereal Chinese teas made with exacting skill in handling and processing. In its pure form and most traditional form, YinZhen or Silver Needle, is made of tender spring buds (baiyacha) from a cultivar historic to...
    Traditional Fujian style - savory flavors of apricot & honeysuckle
  • Silver Needle - Yinzhen

    Silver Needle - Yinzhen

    Yin Zhen is a variety of remarkable and ethereal Chinese teas made with an exacting skill in plucking, handling, and processing. A delicacy, it is made using a fine pluck standard in which only buds are harvested. Lot Notes. We think this lot...
    Enjoy flavors of fresh apricots and honey.

  • organic Organic

    White Peony - Organic Bai Mu Dan

    Perhaps the most natural of China's teas - White Peony is a mix of early spring pluck leaves offering vibrant colors and a range of flavors from grapes to honeysuckle and nectar.Our White Peony (traditional name Bai Mu Dan) is grown...
    Organic, vibrant colors, flavors of melon & honey.

  • organic Organic

    White Peony Organic Sachets

    Select, early-pick organically grown leaves and silver buds offer nuanced tastes and spring's freshness. We chose to mill the leaves minimally to preserve the integrity of the leaf and better preserve its sweet, natural flavors. The leaves will steep to...
    Spring fresh notes of melon and herbs