Loose Leaf Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea

Perhaps the most revered of teas, oolongs offer a delightful range of styles, flavors and aromas. 

We offer a wide variety of single-origin oolongs, in richly rewarding flavors and aromas. Our teas offer flavors of flowers, herbs, nectar & honey-sweet; to rich flavors of roasted almonds and fruity notes and flowery aromas. Our oolongs are crafted traditionally with a focus to appearance and taste. We offer low-oxidized to medium and high oxidized Tieguanyin styles; to a number of prized Dan Cong style oolongs from the tea-famous Phoenix Mountains.

We are proud to offer rare lots of Dan Cong oolongs we have aged for over 20 years. These are exceptional lots offering a wide selection of leaf styles, flavors and aromas. Please inquire for availability.

Oolong Tea
  • "Little Monkey" Tieguanyin

    "Little Monkey" Tieguanyin

    In China, highest grades of Tieguanyin oolong are prized and often presented as gifts. These lots are judged not only on taste and aroma, appearance plays a very big part in the rating. Once a lot is processed, the leaves are again inspected and...
    Bright, fresh & floral notes.

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    3-Box Pack: Tieguanyin Sachets (45 sachets)

    10% discount when you order 3 or more. Winner- 1st place in the North American Tea Championship You will taste the difference when you cup this tea! It is rare to find an oolong of this quality presented in a teabag. In selecting our Tieguanyin, we took...
    Sweet, floral notes with a lingering, buttery finish.

  • Ben Shan oolong

    Ben Shan oolong

    Arguably one of the more aromatic of the Tieguanyin-style oolongs. Ben Shan or "Source Mountain" is a classic fruity-floral flavor oolong that steeps to fresh, fragrant aromas and fruity flavors. Made with a comparatively smaller-leaf cultivar grown in...
    Aroma, stone fruit, peachy.

  • Breast Flower Fragrance

    Breast Flower Fragrance

    Legend tells us that as the young maidens plucked the first, new leaves of spring, they placed the most precious in their blouses to be preserved for the enjoyment of the Emperor and his court. The story provides us with a wonderful name for one of our...
    Rolled leaves, orchid-like aroma & buttery-sweet notes.

  • Brothers oolong

    Brothers oolong

    Literally translated as "Brothers", Xiong Di is a Dan Cong cultivar developed 30 years ago by grafting two prized oolong trees. The name "Brother" originates from the proximity of the trees prior to initial grafting and encouraged by its local...
    Lively, notes of sweet Osmanthus
  • Cinnamon Oolong - Phoenix Bird Private Reserve

    Cinnamon Oolong - Phoenix Bird Private Reserve

    A Fenghuang Dan Cong style oolong, literally translates to "Phoenix single tree". This style of tea has a long history of cultivation in the Phoenix Mountains with trees reputed to be 800 years old. Producing teamaker harvested lot from a single tree...
    A procession of fruity & citrusy flavors and earthy aromas

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    CT Wu Long

    Our CT WuLong is a high-fired Tieguanyin cultivar made to local customs. Leaf is dark, rich brown in color. Steeps to a beautiful, russet-orange sweet liquor. Toasty, CT offers persistent sweet flavors and aromas of wood and spice. Tea is ideal for...
    Traditional, high fire TKY

  • New Lot!

    Drunken Concubine

    Drunken Concubine is named in recognition of the intoxicating flavors of a wonderful, high-grade Tieguanyin oolong. Our lot is named in honor of Gui Fei, who was the most trusted consort to the Tang Dynasty emperor Xuanzong. Grown in the AnXi...
    Caresses the tongue with nectar-like flavors.

  • Flower Fragrance

    Flower Fragrance

    One of the treasures of the spring harvest, Flower Fragrance is classed as a "fresh tea" made to local customs, in limited quantity and sold locally. Fresh teas and early harvest teas generally often have fragrances reminiscent of spring flowers. In this...
    "Fresh tea", sweet & lush, ambrosial
  • Gardenia Fragrance  - Huang Zhe Xiang

    Gardenia Fragrance - Huang Zhe Xiang

    Gardenia Fragrance is a true Dan Cong oolong. Harvested in 2001, this lot is made from a blend of the farm’s oolong trees. This was the traditional Dan Cong processing whereby leaves from various old trees are blended to create this lot. One will...
    Aged 22 years. Ambrosial, intoxicating!

  • Golden Dawn

    Golden Dawn

    Golden Dawn is in a class of high-mountain Dan Cong oolongs that were tribute teas during the Song Dynasty. This lot was harvested in 2006 from aged oolong trees estimated to be well over 80-100 years old. The roots of these trees now reach deep into the...
    Aged 16 years, peachy aroma

  • Golden Jade Oolong

    Golden Jade Oolong

    Ever inventive, skilled grafting of a high-grade Tieguanyin oolong varietal with the early-spring harvest Huang Jin Gui cultivar created this aromatic and luscious offering - Golden Jade. The successful graft and propagation of this tea in the not too...
    Aromatic, lush, floral flavors.

  • Hairy Crab

    Hairy Crab

    Wonderful, verdant oolong named for the downy hairs that cover its small and rounded leaf and the unfurling of the leaves as they steep. Locals on the coast of China relate this unfurling reminds them of  the legs of crabs as they swim. Hairy Crab...
    Delicious, fuity notes.

  • Immortals Oolong

    Immortals Oolong

    Aromatic, Shui Xian literally translates as "water sprite". Large light-green leaves tinged with hues of red, have been lightly pressed into 5-gram cakes offering yet another way to enjoy an oolong. Why we selected this particular lot. First, the...
    Orchid aroma, honey-sweet flavor

  • Iron Goddess

    Iron Goddess

    Often referred to as the tea of poets, "Iron Goddess" is our traditional-style Tieguanyin oolong. The name Tie Guan Yin is often translated as "Goddess of Mercy", yet the name is now generally accepted to describe an oolong cultivar offering an intense...
    Toasty aroma, spicy floral notes.

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    Jade Oolong

    The leaves are a wonderful jade color. Named for this distinctively fresh green appearance, Jade Oolong is a small-leaf cultivar and one of the first oolongs harvested in the spring. The cup is floral & sweet.  The harvest date of our lot is...
    Fresh jade color, floral flavors.

  • Magnolia Blossom Fragrance

    Magnolia Blossom Fragrance

    Once picked, the leaves are sorted, withered in sunlight or a warm room for several hours with an occasional gentle rolling. This hand-rolling of the leaves induces the process of creating the flavors and aromas of perhaps our sweetest tasting oolong. A...
    Find flavors of roasted almond, honeysuckle and stone fruit.

  • Monkey Picked Tieguanyin

    Monkey Picked Tieguanyin

    Our "Monkey Picked" Tieguanyin was grown in the AnXi Region in southern Fujian Province, a region with a rich history of cultivating award-winning, world-class Tieguanyins. The region's terroir or "soils" - the farms' altitude, proximity of the sea,...
    Vibrant green, lush, floral & buttery

  • One Bush - Rare Oolong Collection

    One Bush - Rare Oolong Collection

    Our One Bush, a Fenghuang Dan Cong or Tan Chung style oolong, is made from a single tree of the famous "Chao An" cultivar. This cultivar local to the Fenghuang area of Guangdong Province. The Chao An cultivar has been farmed for...
    Aged 20 years, peach aroma, fruity nectar flavor.

  • Orchid Fragrance

    Orchid Fragrance

    Made using traditional farming and processing methods for a Dan Cong class oolong, Orchid Fragrance offrs a sweet and tangy aroma unlike any of our other collection of Phoenix Bird oolongs.  It is grown at an elevation of approximately 1000 meters...
    Wood charcoal fired, sweet & tangy