Loose Leaf Oolong Tea

Oolongs offer an appealing range of appearances and aromas that are wonderfully varied, from floral and herbaceous to nectar, honey-sweet and roasted notes. They are processed in a myriad of ways to coax and develop complexity and flavor. Leaf appearances range widely from very large and rolled, long and slender to light green, rich red-brown to nearly black.

The rich flavors of these semi-oxidized teas results from a painstaking process of tumbling or otherwise bruising the surface of the leaves, rolling or twisting the leaves and lastly, firing them to enhance these flavors and then to arrest it. Our oolongs come from provinces of Fujian and Guangdong. From the AnXi Region of Fujian Province, our Tieguanyins and other select varietals such as Ben Shan and Jade Oolong are greener in leaf appearance, lo-oxidized, offering floral aromas and lighter, golden-green infusions. We also offer more traditional, medium oxidized Tieguanyin that is nutty and toasty in flavor.

We offer an extensive selection of Dan Cong style oolongs from Fenghuang, in Guangdong Province. World famous for their nuanced flavors of nectar and fruit, these teas are grown in the highest elevations of the Phoenix Mountains. Made with leaves harvested from trees often hundreds of years old, their roots have grown deep, reaching into mineral rich soils and fresh-water springs creating flavors that are unique and wonderful. We offer a number of these fine oolongs for your enjoyment.

  • "Little Monkey" Tieguanyin

  • AnXi Oolong -Tian Hua

  • Ben Shan Oolong - Source Mountain

  • Black Mist -Cinnamon Oolong

  • Breast Flower Fragrance - Ru Hua Xiang

  • Brothers Oolong

  • Drunken Concubine - Zui Gie

  • Gardenia Fragrance Oolong

  • Golden Dawn - Huang Dan

  • Golden Jade Oolong - Huang Guan Yin

  • Hairy Crab -Mao Xie

  • Hand-crafted "Phoenix Bird Oolongs" - Sampler

  • Immortals Oolong

  • Iron Goddess Tieguanyin

  • Jade Oolong -Huan Jin Gui

  • Magnolia Blossom Fragrance - Yu Lan Xiang

  • Monkey Picked Tieguanyin

  • One Bush - Phoenix Bird Rare Tea Collection

  • Oolong Sampler

  • Orchid Fragrance Oolong - Zhe Lan Xiang