Boxed Sachets

You will taste the difference! When we first considered putting our teas into sachets, it seemed we should offer lovers of tea and folks interested in tasting good tea a product that truly brought the natural and wonderful flavors of tea and herbs to the cup. That meant sourcing the grades of teas that we have become known for and we believe the consumer market is interested in. Teas that offer flavors that are unadulterated, so you can enjoy the natural and complex tastes of good tea. It meant herbals that are organic and fresh, full of flavor and goodness.

To do this we sourced the highest grades we could find of white, green, Oolong, black and Pu-erh varietals. We sources herbals to make tisanes we knew people liked to have in their homes and places of work. Once in hand, we milled them minimally, leaving the leaf as much intact and as large as we could while still placing it into a sachet. The difference in the cup or tea pot is twofold and we believe significant as to why our sachet is award-winning and has proven so satisfying to our customers.

One, the larger leaf stays fresher, longer due to its size. Its size slows the process of oxidization and thus depletion of the leaf's aroma and flavors. Two, the flavors of the varietal are then stronger and they release more slowly as you steep. This will result in multiple steeps from our sachet.

Our new sachets offer high-grade, select tea varietals and herbals with tastes and flavors that are distinct and rich. We sourced organically grown, high-grade varietals and a selection of herbal flowers. (For example, our Dragon Well is 2nd grade, very unusual to find this high a grade of tea in a sachet). The leaves are larger (we milled them minimally) to preserve the natural flavors and bring a richer, deeper flavor to the cup. These elegant sachets are perfect for the traveler or a relaxing cup anytime. Now you can enjoy wonderful teas wherever you may go!