Loose Leaf Tins

  • organic Organic

    Buddhist (2oz. tin)

    A delicate, classic vegetal-tasting green made of early-spring leaves. Soft, green leaves and muted white color buds will brew to a sweet aroma with fresh, grassy flavors. A good choice for an everyday green tea as the taste is full...
  • organic Organic

    Ceremonial Matcha

    Silken, deep umami. Ceremonial grade offers you a way to enjoy a tea ceremony, Chanoyu, as a host preparing and sharing a bowl of fine green tea with a guest, entertaining friends, or indulging yourself in times of relaxation.  Lot Notes. Grade is...
  • organic Organic

    Dragon Well Organic (2oz. tin)

    Our organic Dragon Well is picked about mid-April once the weather has warmed to the elevation of the farm where it is grown. The leaf is medium size showing hints of rich, yellow-gold colors and an unmistakably delicious aroma. Cup liquor offers a nutty...

  • organic Organic

    Golden Monkey Organic (2oz. tin)

    Our Organic Golden Monkey is made in the traditional longer, black-leaf Fujian style with a healthy malty-side aroma. When we tasted this lot, wonderful cocoa and malt tastes were evident in the first steep. Using spring's tender leaves and buds, this...

  • organic Organic

    Jasmine Silver Tip (2oz. tin)

    Sourced in Fujian Province, this is a small leaf green tea that has been scented with Jasmine flowers. The scent is natural and not too strong giving the tea a soothing and pleasingly balanced cup. The green tea is high quality, the Jasmine flavourful,...
  • Tieguanyin (Ma Liu Mie) (2oz. tin)

    Tieguanyin (Ma Liu Mie) (2oz. tin)

    A competition-grade, single-origin Tieguanyin oolong made in AnXi by a tea maker well-known for the superb quality of his teas. Classed as a clear and fragrant Tieguanyin, the leaves were fired briefly at low-temperature to ensure a fresh, green-color...
  • organic Organic

    Yunnan Black Organic (2oz. tin)

    Our organic Yunnan "Hong Cha" (like our traditional style) has a husky aroma and the taste is full bodied. The leaves are from a characteristically thick Yunnan varietal that we favor, speckled with golden buds giving the cup sweet, creamy and malty...