Jade Oolong - Huan Jin Gui

Rich jade color, soft floral flavors.
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Item Number:
Yù wū lóng
Main Flavor Profile:
Floral, sweet butter
Medium - high

Note the wonderful jade color of the leaves. Named for this distinctively fresh green appearance, this comparatively small-leafed oolong is one of the first of its class harvested in the spring. The cup is light yet flavorful. This lot came out in the first weeks of the warming spring weather. Harvest date is early April 2022. Lot #CF1.  

Lot Notes. The first taste of this lot offered a bright & refreshing flavor. It served to remind us of the great variety of flavors the spring harvest brings, especially in the Tieguanyin-style class. A glimpse of early spring through a Tieguanyn-style cultivar 

Tea Facts. This oolong is a "Se Zhong" style that is a blend of leaves. It is one of the smallest leaf varieties of oolongs grown in China. Well known for its light-green appearance and light fresh, sweet taste. Its name - Jade Oolong - harkens from the light-green coloration of its leaves. This lot was grown on a small farm near Xiamen in the AnXi Region of Fujian Province. 

Tasting Notes. In the first steep the leaves open to offer a golden-green liquor color and a lightly floral aroma. Jade Oolong has a delicate mouth taste that is softly sweet. Offers floral flavors, light butter in the finish. This tea goes very well with food.

Brewing Suggestions. Use 3-4 grams per 8 ounces of water or serve it Gongfu style with 6-8 grams per 6-8 ounces of water. Use water at boiling temp, rinse the leaves briefly to "awaken" them; pour off and re-infuse for 2-2.5 minutes. Shorten your steep time if serving Gong Fu style. The leaves will steep multiple times.

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