New Arrivals

Once we have made our new harvest selections, most of our teas ship by water to the U.S. When we receive these new crop teas or a tea we have not recently sold; or, we determine to sell a rare or aged tea from our warehouse, we feature these offerings in New Arrivals. It is our way of keeping you, our valued customers, informed of our latest offerings, exciting new varieties or arrival of a tea you already enjoy! New Arrivals is regularly updated over the course of the tea season and the trailing months as we receive new shipments or introduce new offerings.

So, please check-in occasionally to find exciting new and unusual teas.

  • Ben Shan oolong -  Source Mountain

    Ben Shan oolong - Source Mountain

    Arguably one of the more aromatic of the Tieguanyin-style or low-oxidized oolongs, Ben Shan or "Source Mountain" is a classic flowery-flavor tea that cups to an aroma and fragrance and body that will satisfy! Made with a comparatively small-leaf varietal...
    Fresh, light aromas, stone fruit & peachy taste.

  • Drunken Concubine - Zui Gue

    Drunken Concubine - Zui Gue

    Drunken Concubine is named in recognition of the intoxicating flavors of a wonderful, high-grade Tieguanyin oolong. Grown in the AnXi Region of southern Fujian Proince, the cultivar is made to variegated shades of greens almost to blue with soft golden...
    Caresses the tongue with nectar-like flavors.
  • Flower Fragrance

    Flower Fragrance

    Early harvest teas, even when processed to black style, often have fragrances reminiscent of spring flowers. In this tea, the teamaker found hints of flowers thus the name. The aroma of the wet leaves is light evergreen, almost mint. Taste reminds us of...
    Ambrosial, fragrance of spring flowers
  • Fried Fragrance No. 1

    Fried Fragrance No. 1

    In the tradition of crafting early-spring, high-grade leaves in small lots for the local market, Fried Fragrance is a good result. The farm's cultivar, Mei Zhan, was harvested in early April, withered, shaped then pan-fired at a comparatively high...
    Strong leaf flavors, clean, hint of vanilla & spring flowers.
  • Hairy Crab - Mao Xie

    Hairy Crab - Mao Xie

    Wonderful, green-style oolong is named for the fine "hairs" on the backside of the leaves. Hairy Crab is unusual as it offers a full-bodied fruit-like note. Surprisingly tasty!  Lot Notes. Lot was harvested in the Fall of 2020. Our lot is a...
    Delicious, delicate "peach-like" notes.

  • organic Organic

    Keemun "King Red"

    "King Red” is organically grown and produced in the Quimen area of Anhui Province. Quimen is a small geographic area defined by steep mountains cut and nourished with roiling streams of fresh water. True Keemuns are made from the...
    "Burgundy" of tea, rich aromas, sweet flavors. st tea.
  • Menghai Raw Cake

    Menghai Raw Cake

    A 100-gram Sheng Pu-erh cake made by the Menghai Tea factory. Cups to sweet floral flavors. Lot Notes. As it is Menghai Tea produced, quality is consistent and predictable. Cake was pressed in 2019. Tea Facts. Leaves are grown in Six Famous Tea...
    Steeps to sweet, floral notes

  • Menghai Ripe Cake

    Menghai Ripe Cake

    An earthy, roasty small Shou or ripe cake made at the Menghai Tea factory in Yunnan Province. Cake is a compact 100 grams made of rich-brown leaves speckled with soft golden buds.  Lot Notes. Cake is classic Shou Pu-erh cake offering biscuity notes...
    Fragrant, sweet.

  • Orchid Fragrance - Zhe Lan Xiang - Rare Oolong Collection

    Orchid Fragrance - Zhe Lan Xiang - Rare Oolong Collection

    We have worked with Mr. Lin Ze, for a number of years. Every spring, we receive an inquiry as to our interest in his oolong. Quickly affirming, we either visit the farm or, this year, receive selected samples. Working with older farmers in his village,...
    Orchid-like aromatics, honeysuckle to flowery, almondy notes.

  • Peach Fragrance - Tao Ren Xiang - Rare Oolong Collection

    Peach Fragrance - Tao Ren Xiang - Rare Oolong Collection

    Peach Fragrance –Tao Ren Xiang – is made from a single-farm tree grove. The cultivar's signature aromatics are preserved by its single-origin havest. Our teamaker. Mr. Lin Ze, has crafted to time-held traditions capturing Peach...
    Pungent, complex, rich - peaches & almonds

  • Snow Pear Oolong - Xue Li

    Snow Pear Oolong - Xue Li

    A comparatively rare style of oolong here in the U.S. It is largely consumed by the domestic market as it is a local favorite. The small leaf offers a distinct flowery aroma and a natural, peachy flavor. Snow Pear offers another glimpse into China's...
    Distinct flowery aroma, natural peachy flavor.