New Arrivals

A Note about our New Arrivals.

New Arrivals is our location for teas we have just received or have not previously been offered for sale.  Generally, this section will include teas from the most recent harvest onto teas we receive as the harvest continues and new varieties and flavors become available.  At times, there may be an unusual offering as a tea of interest is brought forth by one of our suppliers. 

For this year's harvest, we arrived in China on the 31st of March. The weather in southeastern China was warm and the forecast called for higher temperatures (27-29 degrees C) to prevail through the first week of April. The first morning in a tea market, we tasted the results of this warming trend as early-pick greens – Mao Feng varietals and first-pluck whites such as White Peony and Silver Needle – were found and procured.  These teas can be found in their respective classes of white, green and black on our Web pages.  

The teas in our New Arrivals that we have shown during the spring into summer months are all Pre-Qing Ming (literally meaning "clear and bright") pluck and are arguably some of the finer grades of China's teas. Certainly, they are vibrant, capturing the flavors and aromas of this year's spring harvest.  

6 New Oolongs.

We recently received 6 new oolong teas.  These teas were either harvested in the late spring or the fall season.  These teas include Ben Shan and various lots of high-grade Tieguanyin.  They offer rich and floral flavors well worth experiencing.  Additionally, there are 4 new Dan Cong style oolongs, from Fenghuang, two of which we have not sold previously - Brothers oolong and Song Zhong.  In all cases, these are handmade, high-fire Phoenix Bird oolongs with deep, rich tastes and nectar-like finishes. 


  • Breast Flower Fragrance (Ru Hua Xiang)

  • Drum Mountain Clouds & Mist - Spring Bud (Mei Lan Chun - Chun Ya)

  • Mao Cha

  • Monkey Picked Tieguanyin

  • Peach Fragrance

  • Plum Blossom Fragrance (Mi Lan Xiang)

  • Song Zhong