New Arrivals

When we receive new harvest teas or perhaps find a tea that we have not recently sold, we introduce these offerings in New Arrivals. It is our way of keeping our customers informed of our latest offerings and exciting new varieties. New Arrivals is periodically updated over the course of the tea season as we receive new shipments. So keep an eye on this page and check in occasionally to find exciting new teas.

For the harvest this year, we arrived in China during the last week of March. Initially, we were in southeastern China where roughly 65 days of intermittent rain was yielding to warming weather. Temperatures warmed to 21 degrees C and the skies were sunny and clear. Perfect weather for harvesting tea! The water saturated soils combined with warm air created a high level of humidity and a burst of growth to the emerging buds. The result - wonderful tasting teas - ranging from an early lot of a traditional, pan-fired green Three Cups Fragrance "San Bai Xiang", to delicious lots of Silver Needle "Yinzhen" and White Peony "Bai Mu Dan".    

This year we procured the majority of our spring teas in the Pre-Qing Ming period. In China, these teas are regarded as the highest grades of green, white and black varieties as the buds and leaves are comparatively small and can be quite strong in flavor. The Pre-Qing Ming pluck translates as "clear and bright". These teas are very limited in quantity and generally are consumed by the domestic market.  Traveling in China for the harvest allows us an opportunity to procure these unique teas and present them to you to enjoy. Certainly, they are vibrant, capturing the unique flavors and aromas of this year's spring harvest.  

So, go ahead, take a look at our New Arrivals.  We think you may find some interesting new teas and perhaps some very enjoyable tastes!  

  • organic Organic

    Buddhist Tea - Fo Cha

  • organic Organic

    Dragon Well - 2nd Grade Organic

  • Drunken Concubine - Zui Gie

  • organic Organic

    Garden of Eden

  • organic Organic

    Golden Monkey - Jin Hou - Organic

  • Golden Needle Organic - Jinzhen youji

  • organic Organic

    Heavenly Blue Peak - Tian Mu Qing Ding

  • Monkey Picked Tieguanyin

  • Silver Crane - Silver Needle White Pu-erh Cake

  • Thousand Days Red Jasmine - Xian Tao