Loose Leaf Black Tea

Aromatic, naturally sweet, smooth and full bodied, fruity, malty, chocolate, hints of smoke - all are apt descriptions of Chinese black teas. Given that the Chinese prefer their black teas unblended and unscented, our blacks reflect this. They are made with a lighter touch in the oxidizing step to preserve the nuanced tastes and natural sweetness of the varietals. We source our black teas in various provinces and their body, strength, aroma and flavor depend on the bush cultivar, farming methods, elevation, time of harvest, oxidation and firing process.

  • 3 Lands Sampler

    3 Lands Sampler

    3 Lands Sampler: 2 oz. of each Silver Needle: one of China's rare teas, "Yin Zhen" is a variety of tea made with an exacting skill. Fresh & delicately sweet taste, enjoy savory flavors of fresh apricots and honey. (2 oz...
    3 lands, 3 teas & 3 flavors

  • Black Cloud

    Black Cloud

    This Meizhan varietal is an early-spring harvest black tea known in China as "fresh tea" denoting it is made to a local custom. Not made to a standard and certainly varied in its taste season-to-season, this tea well exemplifies China's small farm tea...
    Flavors of cocoa powder, fruit & chocolate w/ lingering sweetness.

  • Black Dragon

    Black Dragon

    Our "Black Dragon", a Congou, is made in the style of classic Fujian Province blacks. "Congou" is a name used in the tea trade for "gongfu" which means skill and patience, attributes needed to make a really good black. The leaves are comparatively thin...
    Flavors - softly sweet cocoa, hints of malt and fresh fruit.

  • Black Fragrance - Hei Xiang - Rare Lot

    Black Fragrance - Hei Xiang - Rare Lot

    This is a rare tea, one that is not exported from China. Made in very small lots, it is sold and consumed locally. It is classed as a "fresh tea", meaning it is single origin, grown and processed on a small farm &...
    Rare, handmade, flavors of sugar cane & molasses.

  • Black Leaf - Gong Fu

    Black Leaf - Gong Fu

    This lot was harvested in 2nd pluck of spring in the WuYi Mountains. An early pick, the leaves are quite aromatic and with oxidization – now a deep black color. While the name Gong Fu typically is used to describe a method of steeping tea, the name...
    Flavors of molasses, caramel, hints of fruit

  • Black No. 6

    Black No. 6

    The Fu'An area along the coast near the border with Zhejiang Province is mountainous and famous for its white teas. The cultivars developed in these mountains over a period of hundreds of years, now produce a variety of green and black teas that are...
    Malty aroma, hints of chocolate!

  • Black Tea Gift

    Black Tea Gift

    Treat yourself or a friend to three artisan black teas elegantly packaged in our clear top re-usable tins and gift box.Included in the set:Golden Monkey: our Golden Monkey is made in the traditional style - more to the look of the fur of a Monkey. ...
  • Blue Flower Earl Grey

    Blue Flower Earl Grey

    Our hand-crafted blend of Assam black tea, oil of bergamot and blue Cornflowers – creates a citrusy and floral cup with black tea body. Lot Notes. Finding the right black tea was key to creating this lot of BFEG. Our tea base offers full-bodied...
    Sweet, fragrant & delicious.

  • organic Organic

    Chai - organic

    Our Chai blend offers a fresh, new flavor profile for this traditional, widely enjoyed tea. For the base black tea, we selected a fine grade Yunnan Black, a leaf cultivated to full-bodied, malty sweet flavors. Complimenting these high plateau leaves are...
    Tea has bite, enlivens the senses.

  • China Caravan

    China Caravan

    Toward the end of the 17th century, caravans of camels often called "ships of the desert" were transporting chests of tea across the great plains into Russia. Varieties of black teas were very often the primary cargo. In China, tea makers - ever...
    A traditional black tea blend with origins in the time of travel by camels.

  • Darjeeling


    Our Darjeeling is a 2nd flush from the Balasun Estate. The garden lies at an elevation of 400-1350 meters. This high elevation helps to create well -defined or clear notes in the tea. We selected this lot as it offers lively...

  • Earl Grey Organic Sachets

    Earl Grey Organic Sachets

    Full-bodied organic black tea enlivened with rich citrus oil of Bergamot creates a superb bouquet and a lingering finish. You will note the leaves are large (we milled them minimally) to preserve the natural flavors and bring a richer, deeper flavor to...
    Rich citrusy flavor, superb bouquet.
  • Emperor's Black Gift Set

    Emperor's Black Gift Set

    Sourced from 3 different provinces, encompassing a range of terroir and flavors, handcrafted by artisans of the leaf, our Emperor's Black Gift Set, ensures a rare taste of some of China's most famous black teas.  We selected only the finest of the...
    Offering a range of aromas & flavors, artisan crafted
  • Flower Fragrance

    Flower Fragrance

    Early harvest teas, even when processed to black style, often have fragrances reminiscent of spring flowers. In this tea, the teamaker found hints of flowers thus the name. The aroma of the wet leaves is light evergreen, almost mint. Taste reminds us of...
    Ambrosial, fragrance of spring flowers
  • Fujian Black

    Fujian Black

    A local style Fujianese black rarely exported. A high-fire black offering a distinctive, lightly sweet flavor. Leaves are long, thin and wiry. The telling characteristic of this tea from other Fujian Congous is in the leaf size and the firing which has...
    High fire, lightly sweet flavor.

  • Golden Eyebrow - Jīn méimáo

    Golden Eyebrow - Jīn méimáo

    In traditional tea circles, Golden Eyebrow is held as a very prestigious tea, one to be served proudly and enhance friendship. Made using buds and top two leaves, it is a fine pluck of the early spring harvest.  Then the tender leaves are...
    Fruity & flowery flavors, hints of honeysuckle.

  • Golden Monkey - Jin Hou

    Golden Monkey - Jin Hou

    Some of the finest varieties of Golden Monkey come out early in April, before the Qing Ming holiday. The leaves are harvested as the weather is warming, the buds dense, full of flavor. Once plucked and hand processed they are elegant in...
    Golden-brown style, complex, fruity aroma, malty taste.

  • organic Organic

    Golden Monkey - Jin Hou - Organic

    Organically grown in the Fuding area of northern Fujian Province, our Golden Monkey (Jin Hou) is a "special grade" made in the traditional style using long, black leaves and plenty of gold buds. It steeps to a bright golden...
    Organic, malty & refreshing .

  • Golden Needle -Jin Zhen

    Golden Needle -Jin Zhen

    Made in the tradition of classic needle-shaped teas from Northern Fujian Province, this lot is unusual in appearance and flavor. Tea makers in the Panyang area, have long produced famed, wonderful black teas of which the needle shape is but one. Working...
    Lush, sweet, mouth-filling fruity notes & some cocao

  • Golden Needle Organic - Jinzhen youji

    Golden Needle Organic - Jinzhen youji

    Golden Needle is one of a small group of what are classed as higher-grade black teas of Fujian Province. Skillfully crafted, early-spring pick leaves once processed appear shiny and thin and, with steeping open to release unusually sweet flavors and...
    Organically grown, elegant leaves open to unusually sweet flavors.