Emerald Green - Cui Ya

Lush, clean flowery notes.

One of our favorite teas - Emerald Green brings a wealth of aroma and flavor to the palate. A yellow tea, "Cui Ya", is cultivated in the Huang Shan Mountains of Anhui Province. These jagged, high mountains are cut with abundant, rushing streams and cooling afternoon and evening mists creating a near perfect environ for tea.

Lot Notes
This varietal is a favorite in the yellow tea class. In sampling the tea, we noted the uniform and comparatively small leaf size indicating an early harvest pluck and some care in handling. The aroma of this lot is fresh and the leaf coloration vibrant.   

Tea Facts
Lot was harvested in April 2018. Note the comparatively small size of its leaves. In processing, the tea is classed as a yellow tea (the 6th variety of tea in China) as it receives an extra step or steaming prior to firing the leaves. This elevates its aroma and further sweetens it natural flavor.  

Tasting Notes
Once steeped, leaves yield a sweet, lush and clean cup with distinctive flowery notes. Delicious and full of taste, naturally sweet with a nice uptick at the back of the mouth. Emerald Green will finish with lingering warm notes. Lot # CY-1.

Brewing Suggestions
We suggest one teaspoon or 3 grams of leaf for 8 ounces of water at a temperature of 185-195 degrees F.  Steep for 2 minutes. Liquor should be a soft, clear yellow. Taste and see if it meets your flavor profile; if not, steep longer as this tea will not get astringent. Multiple steeps is the norm.

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Cuì lǜ 翠绿
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  • 4
    Light bodied

    Posted by Erik on 31st Dec 2019

    This is a beautiful tea esthetically. It has a combination of vegetal and nutty roasted flavor. Astringency is fairly low. Overall the tea has a good taste and is light bodied.

  • 5
    Yes, Sweet and Flowery

    Posted by MollyHU on 3rd Feb 2019

    A delightful new tea to add to my extensive Silk Road Tea repertoire. I am really enjoying it. Tastes more like a green tea but definitely does not get astringent with a long steep. Will definitely order more.

  • 4
    Pleasant tea

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Feb 2016

    I am not an authority on teas, but I compare this tea as a milder version of Little Melon Seed green tea. It is sweet, light, and mildly astringent.