Green Monkey King - Tai Ping Hou Kui

First grade, orchid aroma, big leaves, sweet flavors.
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Tai Ping Huo Kui
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Loose Leaf

Perhaps no other tea embodies the artistry of China's teas than the famous Tai Ping Hou Kui (TPHK). A first grade leaf, our Green Monkey King, grows on a spring-fed farm at an elevation of 800 meters in the Huang Shan Mountains. At night, wild cymbidium orchids in the surrounding mountains lightly infuse the leaves with aroma. High grade TPHK is plucked and then the leaves are worked by hand in a wok-like pan reducing moisture and preparing for 4 additional steps to create its unique leaf shape. Our TPHK was plucked in the spring of 2022.

Lot Notes. Lot is a Yu Qian pick, harvested "before the rain". Our TPHK is organically grown, the farm has worked, noncertified, for 20 years. A first-grade leaf, the plucking standard is one bud and 2 leaves, with vaying stem lengths up to 5-centimeters. 

Tea Facts. The pluck is done before the sun shines on the bushesOur lot is processed using a contemporary version of Nie-Jian processing. TPHK undergoes 3 light firings, a process starting at a temperature of 75-80 degrees F to wither and prepare the leaves for a 1st pressing toward its flat shape. Pliable, the leaves are placed on silk mats and pressed flat into their classic shape. 

Tasting Notes. Large, flat, deep green leaves cup to a light orchid aroma, clear liquor, and a delightfully sweet vegetal taste, with a hint of apricot. While delicate, one will note its long finish.

Brewing Instructions. As the leaves are long, it is difficult to measure your leaf quantity. Use 3-4 grams for 8-12 ounces of water at a temperature of 175-195 F. Steep for two minutes and taste. Leaves have body, plenty of flavor and will steep multiple time. 


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