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  • organic Organic

    Heavenly Blue Peak

    An exceptional spring green, this high-mountain cultivar is harvested only for a brief period in early April. Heavenly Blue Peak (Tian Mu Qing Ding) is grown in bamboo forest preserves of Tian Mu...
    Lush & naturally sweet

  • Wild Black

    Wild Black

    A seasonal surprise! Wild Black is harvested in the mountains on the coast of Fujian. In time, bushes and trees grow wild outside the boundaries of a farm or are carried by birds into new territory...
    Seasonal surprise, note of caramel!

  • Green Monkey King

    Green Monkey King

    Perhaps no other tea embodies the artistry of China's teas more than the famous and impressive leafed Tai Ping Hou Kui (TPHK). Ours is a first-grade leaf grown on a spring-fed farm at an elevation of...
    Orchid aroma, apricot flavor.

  • Imperial Red

    Imperial Red

    This season's Imperial Red was grown in the WuYi Mountains. It is handmade using an Oolong stock. Cups to a bright red color with lush, sweet notes characteristic of a black tea...
    Flowery notes, flavors of malt , molasses

  • Honey Orchid

    Honey Orchid

    One of our most popular black tea offerings, this early-pick, large-leaf Mao Feng cultivar slowly turns from its harvest green colors to rich shades of gold and black. Then, at the right moment, the...
    Lush, naturally sweet flavors.

  • Dragon Well - Grade AA

    Dragon Well - Grade AA

    Our new harvest Dragon Well lot is made from a cultivar local known for its distinctive penetrating aroma and soft, vegetal, nutty sweetness.  Farm is located in the Shengzhou area west of...
    Penetrating aroma, fresh & nutty sweet!

  • organic Organic

    Yunnan Black - High Grade

    Our Yunnan black is a Dian Hong style black tea. It is single origin and grown organically in the higher elevations of Yunnan Province. Often referred to as the "mocha of tea", it is full-bodied and...
    Creamy, malty sweet notes & thirst-quenching sweetness

2024 Harvest Golden Monkey

Our July Tea of the Month

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Organic White Peony

Perhaps the most natural of China's teas

Organic White Peony

Beauty in a Leaf

Intoxicating and lush, our highest grade Tieguanyin, is named to honor Gue Fei, Tang Dynasty Emperor Xuanzong' most trusted consort.

Drunken Concubine

Black Tea Sampler

Three delicious blacks, 3 different provinces, crafted in local styles and flavors. Chocolate, malty aromas, with mouth filling, sweet tastes. Delicious!

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Aromatic, robust & and seductively delicious.

38 varieties of black teas for winter.

Black Tea