Jasmine Silver Tip

Jasmine flower scented, organic green tea.
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Mòli yín jiān 茉莉银尖
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Loose leaf

The fragrances of jasmine flowers scent our organic lot of Jasmine Silver Tip. Grown in Fujian Province, Silver Tip is a Yin Hao Jasmine style green tea; note the abundance of silver buds and its rich green leaves. Traditionally, the jasmine flower petals used to scent the tea are removed from the finished tea. Jasmine scented teas are often given as gifts or served with meals around the holidays and New Years.   

Lot Notes. Lot was harvested in 2022. The base green tea is naturally sweet and has enough body to match well with the jasmine scent. The scenting was done deftly so the taste is quite natural and smooth. The finish is lasting!

Tea Facts. Yin Hao is made using small leaf varietal that has a very permeable leaf surfact. Higher grades are plucked early in the spring and have a high content of silver leaves or unopened buds. The leaf is indirectly or slowly dried to preserve the flavor of the leaf and maintain its natural shape. The leaves are then kept cool until the jasmine flowers blossom later in the summer.  The timing of the jasmine harvest is critical to get just the right scent and sweetness.  

Tasting Notes. The taste is sweet and smooth.The jasmine scent is natural, sweet and not too strong, making the tea soothing and pleasingly balanced. Good for everyday use and always a relaxing cup.  

Brewing Suggestions. Use 3 grams or a teaspoon of leaf for 8-12 ounces of water.  Water temp of 185-195 F is best and steep for 2 minutes and taste. This tea can steep longer if greater flavor is desired; over steeping will bring on some astringency.  

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