Spring Green - Chūn lǜ - Decaffeinated

Vegetal & sweet, refreshing & soothing.
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Chūn lǜ
Main flavor:
Grassy sweet

Numerous varieties of this delicious green cultivar thrive in the valleys and mountains of the southeastern coastal provinces of China. A Mao Feng cultivar, our lot was organically farmed in Zhejiang Province. An early-pick, its leaves open to a vegetal-sweet, rich and flavorful cup of tea with no caffeine.

Lot Notes. In our tasting, we found sweet, warming vegetal notes. To preserve these qualities and to safely decaffeinate the leaves, the tea maker used a water process that attracts the caffeine molecules and removes them. The flavor molecules are larger than the caffeine molecules, as such, they remain intact thus preserving the natural flavor and aromas of the tea. Harvest date is 2022.

Tea Facts. The Mao Feng cultivar is ubiquitous in China. The cultivar grows at all elevations and has spawned, over hundreds of years, to a seemingly limitless variety of tea names and flavors. It is widely enjoyed as a refreshing beverage throughout the day. Harvest date is 2022.

Tasting Notes. It is robust and full of aroma with hints of chestnut and asparagus. Aroma is lightly sweet and vegetal, cups to sweet and warming flavors. While noncaffeinated, we find the tea very refreshing.

Brewing Suggestions. We recommend a level teaspoon of leaf for 6-8 ounces of water. Water temperature is best around 185-195 F and steep it for two minutes. Taste and, if more flavor and body are desired, steep up to 3 minutes.