Spring Green Decaf Organic Sachets

Decaffeinated green, clean, vegetal taste

Our Spring Green is a choice, early-pick spring organically-grown, green tea from Zhejiang Province. We selected this tea as it offers a sweet and clean vegetal taste that can be enjoyed throughout the day (decaffeinated using a water process, no residuals). Choice leaf pluck, aroma is lightly sweet and vegetal, cups to flavors of herbs and hint of fruit.

The leaves have been minimally milled to preserve the natural flavors and bring a richer, deeper flavor to the cup.  Our sachets are made from biodegradable non-GMO corn silk.

These elegant sachets are perfect for the traveler or a relaxing cup anytime.

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Chūn lǜ wúkāfēiyīn yǒujī chábāo 春绿无咖啡因有机茶包
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    Decaf Green Tea Organic

    Posted by Elisa on 22nd Jul 2019

    This tea is so delicious and keeps me healthy - I drink it everyday. Thank you! Would love an organic Decaf Black tea option.

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    Spring Green Decaf

    Posted by KEVIN TRAMMEL on 28th Jun 2019

    I've lately had issues with caffeine and at the same time I love tea. So, it's been difficult. Consequently I've searched hard for a decaf tea that I can enjoy, and not found a single one that tastes like tea until this particular offering from Silk Road. It actually still tastes like tea although it's decaf. It's not entirely the same, of course, but it is so close that I can actually enjoy drinking it. It steeps to a fine yellow or amber color. It tastes smoothe and even has a pleasant mouth feel (I've never had a decaf tea that possessed that pleasing quality). I think part of the reason for its good taste, apart from the fact it's a quality tea, is that Silk Road doesn't use paper tea bags, which I've found significantly alter the flavor of tea. I recommend it for those who also have issues with caffeine. Enjoy. I do hope that Silk Road will consider selling it in bulk. I gave it four stars because while I enjoy it and will continue to purchase it, certainly, it still remains not the same as the regular teas that Silk Road sells (I drink and enjoy the regular caffeinated Spring Green tea as well). But we have to acknowledge that the decaffeinating process must alter the flavor of the tea as it removes not only caffeine, but also some of the other important chemicals from the tea leaf. I have also tried camellia crassicolumna, a naturally caffeine free relative of camellia sinensis. It isn't bad, but I would think that if tea producers took the problem of caffeine to heart, they could make some very nice teas from that strain of camellia . Perhaps Silk Road will consider looking into that also.

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    Delicious Green Tea!

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Mar 2019

    It is hard to find decaf and organic green tea since green tea generally has lower levels of caffeine than black tea. This tea is just delicious, not too earthy or fruity. I drink it everyday and I swear it is why I don't get sick when the rest of my office does. Thank you silk road teas!!

  • 5
    Best Decaf Green Tea Ever!

    Posted by Vicky Faulk on 30th Dec 2015

    I am so excited that I discovered this tea! Most decaf green tea tastes very watered down and lacks the "bite" of regular green tea. Not the case with this tea, or at least it is the best I have found after trying many. The price is higher than standard boxed teabags, but it is worth every penny more. My only complaint is that it is not listed on the Silk Road website. You have to search for it to find it. This makes me worried than more people won't easily find it and therefore not buy it, resulting in possible discontinuation.

  • 5
    Excellent decaf green tea

    Posted by Woods shoemaker on 12th Sep 2014

    What can I say? Tastes great and doesn't keep me up!