Stir Fried Greens

Fresh cut vegetable flavors, sweet!
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Chǎo qīng cài
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Main Flavor Profile:
Loose leaf

A well-known green tea in China and virtually unknown outside Fujian Province. Stir Fried is plucked early in the spring harvest and then pan-fired to a lovely, wholesome & sweet vegetal flavors. As it is not produced for the export market, it is generally grown on small farms and found in local tea markets. Our lot was harvested mid-April 2023.

Lot Notes. As it is a Mao Feng cultivar, the best lots come out early in the harvest when there are greater variations in temperature. This year's lot was made more to a deep green color. Lot is high fire accentuating its natural sweet flavors. Excellent used as an everyday green tea!

Tea Facts. Stir Fried is made with a Mao Feng cultivar. It is local tea to Fujian Province. Leaves are long and mixed in size. The best lots - offering a sweet, vegetal flavor are available only in the early spring. 

Tasting Notes. In tasting, the cultivar offers fresh cut vegetable flavors, grassy sweet notes. The leaf aroma is toasty. Offers a classic, rich green tea flavor that will satisfy.    

Brewing Suggestions. A rounded tablespoon or 3 grams of leaf in 8 ounces of water at 185 - 195 F is our recommendation. Try a steep time of 2 minutes to present the tea's widest range of notes from sip to finish. If a stronger flavor is desired steep 3-4 minutes. Note, the leaves will steep multiple times.

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