Stir Fried Greens - Chao Qing Cai

Rich green tea flavors, perfect as everyday cup!

A well-known green tea in China and virtually unknown outside Fujian Province. Stir Fried is plucked early in the spring harvest and then pan-fired to a sweet vegetal flavor. As it is not produced for the export market, it is generally grown on small farms and found in local tea markets. Our lot was harvested in April 2019.

Lot Notes
This is a tea we purchase annually in spring as we always appreciate the flavors it offers. As it is a Mao Feng varietal, the best lots come out early in the harvest. This lot is a deep green color, uniform in appearance with only a hint of white along the leaf edge. It is high fired which we found accentuated the lot's sweet side.   

Tea Facts
Stir Fried is made with a Mao Feng varietal. It is typically made for domestic consumption. The best lots - offering nuanced flavors and dense, smaller leaves - come out early in the season and sell quickly. A green, it is pan-fired at a comparatively high temperature.

Tasting Notes
In tasting, you will note it is high fired. The result is a very deep green coloration with sweet vegetal notes and some nuttiness. The leaf aroma is toasty. Offers a classic, rich green tea flavor that will satisfy.    

Brewing Suggestions
A rounded tablespoon or 3 grams of leaf in 8 ounces of water at 185 - 195 F is our recommendation. Try a steep time of 2 minutes to present the tea's widest range of notes from sip to finish. If a stronger flavor is desired steep 3-4 minutes. Note, the leaves will steep multiple times.

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Chǎo qīng cài 炒青菜
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