Tieguanyin Sachets

Sweet, floral notes with a lingering, buttery finish.

Winner- 1st place in the North American Tea Championship

You will taste the difference when you cup this tea! It is rare to find an oolong of this quality presented in a teabag. In selecting our Tieguanyin, we took an unusual approach - opting to use only the highest grade leaves. Once steeped, the aromatic and flavorful taste of this oolong is very evident. The leaves will open to a sweet, floral notes and finish with classic lingering, buttery flavors.

The leaves are low oxidized and a fresh light-green color. They will unfurl (in our large pyramid-style bag) to a large leaf. No milling of the leaf was done. Our sachets are made from biodegradable non-GMO corn silk.

These elegant sachets are perfect for the traveler or a relaxing cup anytime.

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Sòng zhōng - fènghuáng niǎo hǎnjiàn wū lóng cǎijí tiě guānyīn chá bāo 送中 - 凤凰鸟罕见乌龙采集铁观音茶包
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    Posted by Charles on 12th Apr 2019

    If you want a knowledgeable, erudite review of this tea, please look above or below. If you want to know if I think that this is a delightful tea with a light, fresh lovely taste - as good if not better than other Oolong I’ve had - then, yes. A friend bought this as a gift for us and to stop feeling selfish when my wife would offer it to guests I finally ordered an additional two boxes.