White Monkey (Bai Hou)

Handmade, small-farm tea that has a light-golden cup color and a very likeable sweet-nutty flavor.  Its name and wonderful appearance give hints to the flavors and aromas that will follow once this tea is tasted.  Like most green teas grown in Fujian Province, the best lots are harvested in early April.  Our lot was harvested pre-Qing Ming - in one of the first plucks of the season.  White Monkey is made of hand-crafted, thick, curled rich-green leaves mixed with plenty of white buds that give the tea its "playful" feel.   Harvested April 2018. Lot #8.

Why we selected this particular lot.  This lot is a 50-50 mix of green leaf and white bud.  The appearance of this tea is rich and enticing.  Sweet is one descriptor that works.  The leaves and bud sets are small in size and have been carefully shaped making the tea very light in weight. A richly vegetal flavor has been captured that will linger and delight.

Tasting notes.  Taste is nutty, vegetal & sweet due to the high count of white buds.  It is belly-warming, palate satisfying and serves well as an everyday beverage and will compliment food.

Brewing suggestions.  Three grams or a level teaspoon of leaf for 8-12 ounces of water at a temperature of 185-195 degrees F.  Steep for 2-2.5 minutes and taste.  Tea should be vegetal and some nutty notes.  The leaves will yield multiple steeps.

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