Wuyi Green - WuYi Qing

Full-bodied, fruity & herbal flavors.
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Wǔyì qīng chá
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Main Flavor Profile:
Loose leaf

Described as a "wild" tasting green, the descriptor is apt for this unusual and boldly flavored cultivar. A local green, it was grown on a small farm in the mountains of Fujian Province. Leaves are a rich, deep green color after a traditional style pan firing that shapes the leaf into a small curl and adds depth in taste. The cultivar yields a natural nori flavor with some fruity notes. The finish is strong. Pre-Qing Ming harvest, April 2022. Lot # 1.

Lot Notes. A delicious green tea that is refreshingly strong. Harvested early, its leaves are compact and rich in minerals and flavor as they have grown slowly as the cold weather warms. If you are looking for a green with plenty of character this tea is a candidate. The processing of the leaves was made to local customs. We think it offers a new green tea taste profile to the U.S. market.

Lot Facts. It is pan-fired green, a method of processing that sharpens the vegetal side of the cultivar. Tea was grown at an elevation of approximately 800 meters.   

Tasting Notes. It is full-bodied, offering a nori to soft hay-like taste. There is a hint of astringency working with its flavors. Cup color is clear & light green. We find it enlivening and refreshing!

Brewing Suggestions. 3 grams is our recommendation for 8 ounces of water. Water temperature is best at about 185-195 degrees F. Steep briefly for 2 minutes and taste. It can steep longer just watch for astringency. It will steep multiple times.

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