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3 provinces, 3 cultivars, 3 wonderful flavors!
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Anhui, Fujian & Yunnan
Hóngchá lǚxíng zhě
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Main Flavor Profile:
Malty & luscious!
Loose leaf

Our sampler is your introduction to black teas from 3 different provinces and the opportunity to taste their finest offerings. Three cultivars have been crafted to distinctive leaf appearances and rich, lush flavors. Grown at varying elevations, each is cultivated to a style of "Hong Cha" or Red Tea enjoyed in that region. Explore and you will steep a cup offering a bright red infusion, a range of aromas from malt and chocolate to floral; and flavors that are full-bodied and mouthfilling, sweet and lingering.

Our sampler offers:

  • Golden Monkey (Jin Hou) - Rich black leaves mixed with golden buds create a rich, malty taste and chocolate-like fragrance. (2 oz.)
  • Keemun "King Red" organic  (Quimen) - Famous black varietal, elegant leaves cup to a rich bouquet, wonderful red color, wine-like aroma and a sweet flavor. (2 oz.)
  • Yunnan Black organic (Hong Cha) - Husky aroma with a spicy, malty smooth and sweet taste, offers a lingering sweet finish.  Known as a high-grade English breakfast tea. (2oz.)


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