Anji White - AnJi Bai

Silky smooth mouth feel, rich "umami."

Each harvest season this rare tea offers a special flavor experience rich in "umami" and amino acids. As well, this tea has an unusual story. In the 1980s, in a bamboo forest above the Huang Pu River in the mountains of Zhejiang Province, this varietal, thought to be extinct, was re-discovered. With care and propagation, this cultivar has regained its place as a prized tea. Not widely sold outside China, it is an exceptional green tea. Given its process of manufacture, it is, in fact, a green tea despite the name "white". Research has found that this plant is very rich in amino acids having almost twice the amount of other green teas. Harvest date: April 2019.

Lot Notes
AnJi White is one of a select group of teas that embody the aromas and flavors of the spring harvest. This lot's leaves are fresh and offer a robust green color that suggested the tea bushes yielding this lot are healthy and mineral rich. The leaves are long, narrow & elegant and open to look feathery and light. We look for the hint of yellow color in the cultivar's folded leaves. This lot was made with spring buds harvested in the second week of April. It's harvest period is brief and good lots are limited. We believe you will find this year's offering of high quality and a great cup of tea. Rare Lot #S-9.

Tasting Notes
Prepared correctly, its' liquor is described as liquid silk. Vibrant green leaves will brew to a cup color of light apple green, with an extremely smooth mouth feel and rich 'umami' or savory taste. Brews to a depth of flavor and a texture that reflects the high theanine content of the leaf. Note its' very pleasing mouth feel.

Brewing Suggestions
AnJi White is a very delicate tea. To enjoy these delicate notes and flavors, it is important to use a "cooler" temperature water as you do not want to "burn" this wonderful tea. Equally important is the quality of the water for brewing. If possible, use either a spring water or a filtered water. The water temperature should range from 145 degrees to about 175 degrees F. Even at these lower temperatures the leaves will give up their flavorful notes. For a warmer cup temperature, it is best that the water not exceed 185 degrees F. We recommend a steep time of about 1 to 1.5 minutes.

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    Posted by Jeff on 2nd Apr 2015

    This is a wonder smooth treat . Very nice .