Black Cloud

Malt, chocolate & molasses!
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Item Number:
Hēi yún
Caffeine Level:
Main Flavor Profile:
Complex & sweet
Loose leaf

This Meizhan cultivar is made to customs of processing known in China as "fresh tea" denoting it is made to local timing of harvest, proccessing and flavor profile. Not made to a standard and certainly varied in its taste each season, this tea well exemplifies China's small farm tea culture. Our lot was grown on a farm that practices organic, traditional farming methods. The farm is located at an elevation of approximately 400-600 meters in the mountains fo the Fuding area, Fujian Province. Lot #W6.

Lot Notes. This lot is single-origin, handcrafted offering a high aroma with notes that are varied - sweet and malty to fruity. Hand crafted to preserve and develop the natural flavors of the cultivar, a deft hand in firing has clarified the taste notes and deepened the body of the tea. Tasting this lot, we think this one brings unusual flavors and aromas of the harvest to your cup. Lot was harvested April, 2022. 

Tea Facts. Black Cloud is made from a slow-growing, high-mountain cultivar known in Pinyin as Mei Zhan. It is a slow growing tea bush. It is a prized black variety commanding high prices whether processed as a green or a black tea. The leaves are strong and will yield multiple steeps.

Tasting Notes. The leaf is distinct in its aroma – think semi-sweet chocolate. The leaves are oxidized with a focus to creating flavors that linger. Opens to a clear amber liquor with flavors of malt and chocolate, molasses and stone fruit combining to leave a sweetness long after drinking. 

Brewing Suggestions. We suggest 3 grams per 6-8 ounces of water. A round tablespoon of leaf will brew up to 12 ounces of tea. Use water at 195-205 F right up to boiling; steep the leaves for 2 minutes and taste. For more flavor, steep with added time. Drain the leaves between steeps and the leaves will yield multiple infusions.  

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