WuLu - Jade Cloud

Buttery smooth, a note of citrus
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Fresh grass

Not well known outside China, these singularly rich green leaves will steep to smooth and varied buttery flavors and aromas of magnolia blossoms and fresh cucumber. It isa wonderful green tea waiting to be found and enjoyed everyday.

 Lot Notes. Organically grown on a farm located in LinAn, in Zhejiang Province. Tea was harvested in April 2023. Handpicked to a high-grade pluck standard of bud and two leaves, we enjoyed its fresh green appearance and lively grassy aromas.

Tea Facts. Lot was crafted in time from a Long Jing cultivar. At an elevation of 400 meters, with a sandy soil composition, the harvest is comparatively early. Once leaves are shaped, they are basket steamed (Sheng Qing) creating the smooth, sweet flavors for which it is famous. Grown using organic methods, the move away from the use of pesticides and nonorganic fertilizers took 4 years until the farm began to show a tea with depth of taste and brighter aromas. WuLu is known to offer a high level of theanine and is rich in minerals.

Tasting Notes. Steam drying the tea in this sub-category gives us a mild and grassy profile in the final tea. Steamed leaves offer an aroma of fresh grass. Liquor is buttery, smooth and delicately vegetal. The finish has a note of citrus. Note, astringency is low.

 Brewing Suggestions. A teaspoon or 3 grams of leaf is our suggestion for 6-8 ounces of water. Water temperature is best around 195 F., steep for 2 minutes. Between steeps, keeep the leaves dry and they will re-infuse 2-3 times. 

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