Black Leaf

Flavors - molasses, caramel, hints of fruit
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Hēi yè
Caffeine Level:
Main Flavor Profile:
Fruity sweet
Loose leaf

This lot was harvested in the 2nd pluck of the spring harvest in the WuYi Mountains. The leaves are quite aromatic and with oxidization – now a deep black color. While the name Gong Fu typically is used to describe a method of steeping tea, the name is used in the markets of Fujian Province for this style and quality of black tea as well. The leaf is elegantly shaped, thin and unlike most Fujian blacks shows no golden buds. The taste is sweet, think of molasses and caramel with hints of fruit. An excellent choice for a breakfast beverage and as an afternoon refresher.

Lot Notes. The fact the tea was made early in the harvest and was grown in the WuYi Mountains offers two solid reasons for consideration. The cultivar is oolong, so it brings complexity to the palate. The fact it was fully oxidized and processed to a black accentuates the depth of its native flavors. The teamaker has captured them and preserved its fresh notes. Harvested 2022.

Tea Facts. Grown in the WuYi Mountains of Fujian Province. The cultivar used for this black is an oolong. It is high fired or high temperature in processing. It was harvested mid-April. 

Tasting Notes. The taste of this lot is wet, softly sweet and clean. We find flavors of molasses and caramel with hints of fruit. As it is an oolong cultivar, there is a flavor complexity to this tea. 

Brewing Suggestions. Use about 3 grams (a rounded teaspoon) for 8 ounces of water at a temperature of 195-205 degrees f. Steep for 2-3 minutes. The leaves should yield 2-3 steeps.

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