Black River Mountain - Hei He Shan

Thick, red-brown leaves, earthy, rich flavors,

A well-made, ripe or "cooked", high-mountain Pu-erh, grown near the Vietnam border in Yunnan Province.

Lot Notes
The leaves are a deep, rich brown-red color and a mix of leaves and stems that create plenty of body and flavors in the brew. Aroma is rich and full bodied, showing none of the "fishiness" of a poorly made or improperly stored lot. Factory focuses solely to black and Pu-erh teas with a high production standard. Tea is EU Standard.

Tasting Notes
Offers some earthiness but this tea is nuanced and the tastes it offers have been well-shaped. The mix of bulky, thick leaves and odd stems creates a balanced, deeply rich taste. Flavor is even, mouth-filling. The finish is clean and smooth. Cups to a bright red-brown color. Tea was produced in 2016.

Brewing Suggestions
For 8-12 ounces of water, use at least one rounded tablespoon of leaf. Ripe or Shou Pu-erhs, such as this one, tend to taste richer when steeped strong, so more leaf can be used to gain strength in the cup.  Use boiling water and briefly rinse the leaves. Pour that water off and re-infuse the leaves for 3 minutes and taste. Leaves will yield multiple steeps.

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Hēi hé shān 黑河山
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  • 5
    Long time favorite

    Posted by Randy Clere on 6th May 2020

    I serve tea to my patients before every acupuncture treatment. It builds rapport and it encourages people to slow down and be mindful. Black River has been my long time favorite ever since they have been carrying it! I generally start drinking Pu erh in the fall and straight through winter. When spring is sprung I switch to delightful oolongs. I highly recommend this tasty Pu erh.

  • 5
    Black River Mountain Pu-erh

    Posted by Neil Okrent on 17th Apr 2020

    My favorite, a very hard to find tea, which puts me in a mood of serious clarity of thought. Very uplifting.

  • 5
    Black River Mountain

    Posted by Randy Clere on 3rd Dec 2019

    This has been my “go to” tea for years. I start all of my acupuncture sessions by serving this to my patients! They love it. Also , I have been buying my teas from Silk Road for 20+ years. Simply the best!!

  • 5
    Delicious and a good value on a per cup basis

    Posted by KES on 7th Dec 2017

    I would have never bought such an expensive tea until a friend shared a cup. Oh, my...satisfying, smooth, and delicious! I mention the good value per cup because the leaves can be used over and over an entire day and never turn bitter. This is perfect for my office use. Because the tea is fermented, the leftover leaves make a great amendment to plant soil (doesn't rot, smell, or attract gnats). My office violets are amazing after being fed any leftover tea and used leaves. It's also a great go-to for a nice gift and serving visitors. I always get compliments when I share. Silk Road is a great company to do business with. Thanks!

  • 5
    flavor is smooth and fresh.

    Posted by Theresa Gasior on 13th Nov 2014

    This tea tastes so fresh and so smooth. It's my favorite so far.