Breast Flower Fragrance

Rolled leaves, orchid-like aroma & buttery-sweet notes.
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Rǔfáng huā xiāngwèi 乳房花香味
Caffeine Level:
Main Flavor Profile:
Floral & buttery
Loose leaf

Legend tells us that as the young maidens plucked the first, new leaves of spring, they placed the most precious in their blouses to be preserved for the enjoyment of the Emperor and his court. The story provides us with a wonderful name for one of our favorite oolongs as well as a guiding standard for quality.

Lot Notes. Each harvest, we look for a low oxidized leaf with depth and complexity in taste and a distinct character for its moment crossing your palate. Once unfurled and open, note the uniform leaf shape. Carefully processed and crafted to bring a fresh & enticing yellow-green color to the cup liquor. Once sampled, it was apparent this lot offered an exceptional cup of oolong tea. Harvest date April 2022.

Tea Facts. Grown in the AnXi region of Fujian Province on a farm from which we have been purchasing teas for over 16years. The tea is a rolled style known as Tieguanyin. These rolled leaf-style oolongs are known as Min-Nan given their geographic location south of the Min River and its rolled finish. Tieguanyins of this area are known to be clear in liquor and fragrant in aroma. The farm is recognized in the province for the exceptional quality of its oolongs.

Tasting Notes. As the tea is fired at lower temperatures, the leaves offer a fresh herbaceous flavor. It cups to lovely, bright yellow-green liquor. The aroma is quite fragrant and its flavor will remind one of orchids. Flowery and buttery smooth on the palate, its aftertaste lingers, softly sweet and enduring.

Brewing Suggestions. For 8 ounces of water, use 3 grams of leaf. As it is a rolled leaf, use water right up to boiling. Rinse the leaves briefly to awaken them, pour off and re-infuse. We recommend a brief steeping, 2 minutes and taste. The first steep is known for aroma. The flavors of the leaf will release in subsequent infusions. The leaves will yield 5 to 7 steeps.

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