Camel's Breath - Tuo Cha

Rich - earthy & mushroomy
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Tuó chá 沱茶
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Camel's Breath - never bitter, only stronger!

The name suggests much of what makes this tea so popular. Its taste reminiscent of a barn yard; scent of a forest floor after a rain storm; earthy, mushroomy - all have been offered in pursuit of an apt descriptor for this pressed nugget of ripe Pu-erh.  By the 1600s, as the tea road opened across the steppe opening Mongolia to greater Asia and then later into Europe, tea makers in China were fermenting the varietal Camellia assamica leaves, pressing them into nuggets for travelers & traders having found a way to preserve flavors and gaining economies in transport. 

Lot Notes. It is a classic Tuo Cha taste. Strong, yet offers varying flavors with a smooth finish. It makes one feel good! The earthiness of a traditional Tuo Cha is captured. As its name suggests, this Shou or ripe Pu-erh has real strength and depth of character.  

Tea Facts. Source farm is in Shuang Jiang County in Lincang. Note the leaves are larger and intact versus often used small fanning style. Leaf size and uniformity gives this tea depth in flavor. Nugget is 5 grams net weight. Tea was harvested in 2021. In processing wet leaves are piled, much like compost & fermented and then pressed. (Note: Camel's Breath is a tea name originated by Silk Road Teas.)

Tasting Notes. Aroma descriptions range from a wet forest floor to hints of a barnyard; taste descriptions are earthy, mushroomy and rich. It is smooth and sweet in the finish. In any event, it makes a very good, strong cup of Pu-erh tea. 

Brewing Suggestions. Each nugget will brew to 8 ounces of tea. Use boiling water and infuse the nugget for 5-10 seconds and the water pour off. This will help in loosen and awaken the leaves. If time allows, let the nuggest steam for a few minutes. Then re-infuse; the nugget will come apart slowly. We suggest a strong brew with an appearance like a cup of espresso. Camel's Breath never gets bitter, only stronger. 

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