Hairy Crab

Delicious, fuity notes.
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Máoxiè 毛蟹
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Main Flavor Profile:
Loose leaf

Wonderful, verdant oolong named for the downy hairs that cover its small and rounded leaf and the unfurling of the leaves as they steep. Locals on the coast of China relate this unfurling reminds them of  the legs of crabs as they swim. Hairy Crab is unusual for its high aroma and full-bodied fruity note.  

Lot Notes. Lot was harvested in April 2023. Lot is a low-oxidized style, giving the rolled leaves a grassy-green appearance. Lot offers the distinctive flavors and aromas of this cultivar. Porcessed to a fresh, fruity style.  

Tea Facts. Hairy Crab oolong has been cultivated since the Qing dynasty and is widely enjoyed in Asia. The cultivar, Mao Xie, classes as one of the Zhong oolongs meaning it grows in the area where the famous Tieguanyins are cultivated. Our lot is grown in the area around DaPing township in Anxi County, Fujian. Mao Xie is a semi-ball rolled leaf style with a small stem. Tea is 30-40% oxidized.

Taste Profile. The leaves offer a very pleasing floral aroma. Leaves open to a very distinct fruit-like flavor. Unfurling, the leaves offer a delicious cup with delicate "peach-like" notes. Note, it is an oolong that can be served hot or serves well as an iced or chilled beverage.

Brewing Suggestions.  Use a teaspoon or 3-4 grams of leaf for 8-12 ounces of water at a temperature of 195-205 F. Rinse the leaves briefly, pour water off and reinfuse. Steep for 2 - 2.5 minutes and taste. The leaves will yield multiple steeps as the leaves fully open.

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