Immortals Oolong - Shui Xian

Orchid aroma, honey-sweet flavor

Aromatic, Shui Xian literally translates as "water sprite". Large light-green leaves tinged with hues of red, have been lightly pressed into 5-gram cakes offering yet another way to enjoy an oolong.

Why we selected this particular lot. First, the appearance indicated a quality tea. The leaves are fresh looking and brightly colored. The cake's aroma is enticing as well. Once tasted, we found the tea refreshing and flavorful.

Interesting facts about our selection. The cake is made using the Shui Xian varietal. It is a broad leaf oolong cultivar grown widely in Guangdong and Fujian Provinces.  It makes a very nice iced or chilled tea! Each cake is wrapped in white paper, perfect for travel.

Tasting notes. Our Immortals Oolong is honey-sweet and light. The cup liquor is clean, light-yellow, almost a shade of green. Tea has a light fruit note that is long lasting and refreshing.

Brewing suggestions. As it is pressed cake, it is important to rinse the leaves with boiling water to awaken them. Like all oolongs, the leaves should be briefly rinsed and then re-infused. Cake will yield multiple steeps.

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Shénxiān wū lóng 神仙乌龙
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  • 5

    Posted by Sergii Bogomaziuk on 14th Oct 2021

    I liked it

  • 4
    Nice, subtle oolong

    Posted by Emily on 24th Jan 2020

    I enjoyed this oolong. I followed the instructions to brew this tea cake and was able to make 5-6 fresh cups from that one tea cake. The taste was mild, slightly sweet, and very slightly floral.

  • 5
    A delight

    Posted by Lucy G on 10th Dec 2016


  • 4
    An interesting, satisfying lighter oolong

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Nov 2014

    This a fun, interesting tea that steeps to a lighter style of oolong, something like a tiequanyin. It has the floral fragrance of some pouchongs or other teas at similar oxidation levels, but without the complexity of some of them, and more body and astringency. It can be steeped multiple times. The leaf is attractive--the whole leaf, from stem to down, is represented in the cake.