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  • Black Fragrance - Hei Xiang - Rare Lot

    Black Fragrance - Hei Xiang - Rare Lot

    This is a rare tea, one that is not exported from China. Made in very small lots, it is sold and consumed locally. It is classed as a "fresh tea", meaning it is single origin, grown and processed on a small farm &...
    Rare, handmade, flavors of sugar cane & molasses.

  • organic Organic

    Genmaicha Organic Sachets

    Fresh organic Sencha green tea and roasted rice create a golden infusion with a toasty aroma and nutty flavors.  A traditional blend, refreshing beverage and excellent with food. The leaves have been milled minimally to preserve the natural...
    Toasty aroma, savory, nutty flavors

  • organic Organic

    Lemon Chamomile

    A delicious blend of organic chamomile, lemongrass, and lavender, this is also great when served over ice.

  • organic Organic


    Organic, Cymbopogon citratus, offers a lively citrusy flavor and full mouth feel, quite soothing to the throat and goes well with food.