Iron Goddess

Toasty aroma, spicy floral notes.
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Loose leaf

Often referred to as the tea of poets, "Iron Goddess" is our traditional-style Tieguanyin oolong. The name Tie Guan Yin is often translated as "Goddess of Mercy", yet the name is now generally accepted to describe an oolong cultivar offering an intense aroma, some fruitiness and a depth of flavor.

Lot Notes. The leaves are large and rolled (shaped like a hockey stick) with shades of green and deep brown tones, the result of the oxidization process. Offers all the notes and flavors we look for in a traditional style Tieguanyin. Lot was harvested in April 2023.

Tea Facts. Locally often called "sweet flower", this oolong is harvested about 4-6 weeks after the first greens and white teas of spring. Grown in the coastal mountains near Xiamen, the tea's nuanced tastes are created in a multi-step, hours-long, process of oxidizing and rolling the leaves. It is made in the traditional, medium-oxidized style favored in China. Cultivar for this tea originated in the Wuyi Mountains.

Tasting Notes. Offers a full-mouth flavor that is light spice with stone fruit notes. Steeped, the leaves open to deep green colors and a hint of red along its serrated edges. Its flavors will fully open in the 2nd steep providing a wonderful floral aroma with a lingering aftertaste. The liquor is rich & light-yellow. 

Brewing Suggestions. Use 3 grams per 8 ounces of water. Water temp is best if boiling. Rinse the leaves briefly to awaken them, pour this water off and re-infuse. Steep for 2-3 minutes and taste. This tea will steep multiple times.

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