Jasmine Black Jewel

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Mòlì hēi bǎo 茉莉黑宝
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Main Flavor Profile:
Loose leaf

Our Jasmine Black Jewel is a "fresh" tea made to local customs and a real treat.  High-grade Mei Zhan varietal leaves were processed to a black tea in April and held for fresh jasmine flower scenting. As jasmine is so popular, we felt it may be time to bring this tea in once again. The black tea was grown on a farm in the mountains near Fuzhou, in Fujian Province, at an elevation of about 1400 meters. The varietal used to make this tea is strong in body & slow growing. This results in a rich base black tea taste and it joins very well with jasmine. Lot #9. 2019 harvest.

Lot Notes
The tea maker once specialized in jasmine teas and is recognized for his skill. His black tea is highest grade and it matches well with jasmine. He farms organically and does not export his teas. It is a "fresh tea", made early in the spring, to local customs and as such offers a glimpse into Chinese tea culture. The varietal - Mei Zhan - is a special tasting tea and is increasingly hard to find as it is difficult to properly process  as it very quickly gets a "baked" taste when fired.

Tea Facts
Our lot is handmade, grown on a small farm in Fujian province. It is a "fresh tea" made to local customs. The tea maker is a true craftsman. The jasmine scenting process entailed 5 repetitions to gain its finished aroma. Farm uses organic, traditional farming practices.

Tasting Notes
It will invigorate one as a good black tea should; it will also calm and soothe as the jasmine flower does so well. Flavor is a balanced blending of black leaf and jasmine, naturally sweet, nuanced and smooth. The finish is clean, fresh and lingering.

Brewing Suggestions
For up to 8 ounces of water, we recommend 3 grams of leaf. For a teapot, a rounded tablespoon.  Use water at a temperature of 195-205 F and steep the leaves for 2- 3 minutes and taste. The more nuanced notes of the tea will come through with a shorter steep. Longer steeps will bring more body into your cup. Should provide multiple steeps!

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